Brooke Satchwell in Rafters role

Actress Brooke Satchwell will make a guest appearance in Packed to the Rafters, but there are suggestions the move could be permanent.

Seven yesterday confirmed she had spent the past few weeks filming a “guest role” and that it was “too early” to elaborate.

But on-set sources tell that writers are hoping to fill a void left by the departure of favourites Jessica Marais and Zoe Ventoura.

“She’s a lovely girl and talented – she will play a main part,” the source said.

Recent episodes have seen cast additions with Camille Keenan and Zoe Cramond.

The show returns in 2012.


  1. Mmm, I was expecting the next addition to be Dave’s half-sister, i.e. Coby and Bree’s mother, who has been mentioned several times – but Brooke is too young for that.

  2. I have alwauys been a fan of Brooke and her role in Canal Road was quite different from other roles I have seen her in. With her inclusion, it will make me want to keep watching Rafters 🙂

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