Bumped: The Joy of Sets. Returning: Mike and Molly

Nine has moved The Joy of Sets with Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee to 10:30pm next Tuesday night.

Nine has moved The Joy of Sets with Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee to 10:30pm next Tuesday night.

It will be replace by a new episode of Mike and Molly.

This week The Joy of Sets pulled a disappointing 488,000 viewers, following its Two And A Half Men lead in of 1.03m viewers. On those figures the network had to act.

But while Nine wanted to give the show every chance with a big lead-in, was it the right fit with the Ashton Kutcher comedy?

After seeing the show I always thought it was the kind of show that would work best in a 10:30pm timeslot anyway, so at least it’s found its way there now. But the show about television is also too scripted, and would benefit from Martin and Kavalee bantering more freely.

Given the Zapruder’s Other Films show has filmed in advance, that may not be achievable this series. I’d like to see it have a second season where it can run amok a little bit more in a timeslot without so much pressure.

NB: Nine didn’t bother to send any Amendment of the change.

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  1. The show is too scripted or something. Kavalee wasn’t good on TV Burp but he was great on World Cup Fever. It feels like Tony and Ed are trying to conform to someone else’s wishes as opposed to having their own show where they control all of the content. It feels rushed. It is not Get This tv. If you crossed the Joy of Sets, Hamster Wheel and the Bazura Project then you would have a good show. I loved Get This but I am tuning into this show because of loyalty – it needs a radical change.

  2. Americana repeats are not going to last forever Nine and it’s time they starting doing a complete overhaul of most of the evening lineup.What about making some decent Australian Home Grown Family Sitcoms like they use to have in the nineties but make them relevant for the people of today most of which who were only babies or not even born/conceived at that time.

  3. @Beckala – “…lame sex joke isn’t exactly what you get from Tony Martin!”
    O rly? How would you classify him going on and on about “Mästerkock” and all the variations of something-kock and kock-something? Those few excruciating minutes were when I decided to stop watching.

    Talk about flogging a dead horse or, as Tony Martin might have said, beating the “kock” joke.

  4. Yeah, could never see the fit with 2.5 men either. Or, indeed, Channel 9. What were they thinking? I’m hard-pressed to think of more unalike comedy styles.

    Very glad they’ll be playing out though, I’ll give them credit for that.

  5. Great news! I really wanted to watch this but it has some stiff competition on Tuesday night. Will be able to watch now.
    Hope it sticks Ch 9. Both tony Martin and ed Kavalee are great to watch.

  6. Those bagging Joy of Sets – we will have to agree to disagree. I think it’s hilarious, it has been one of my favourite shows this year. Pairing it with Two and a half men may have been to it’s detriment because it is certainly not the same type of audience – hehehe lame sex joke isn’t exactly what you get from Tony Martin! But I’m still disappointed with a later timeslot – I think the boys deserved better, and I’ll have to record now – I much prefer watching something live.

    Plus – weren’t the ratings for Mike and Molly not that great? It is a mediocre show at best – I cannot understand how she won for best actress unless it is the result of a split vote between Tina Fey and Amy Poeler, or people were voting because of Gilmore Girl love. She is fine in the role, but I wouldn’t call her performance anything more than adequate.

    And once the viewers inevitably don’t tune in, what, more BBT? Nine needs a major overhaul in thinking – either commit to the intellectual or pander to the masses, or do one on a Tuesday and one another night – just stay consistent for crying out loud!!! So annoyed!!

  7. It’s good that Nine shifted it to a later slot but bad that they’re not sending thru updates. They are shockingly bad at communicating. Don’t they want people to find their programs?

    The show could’ve been good but is too rushed and scripted. It feels like a 45 min show squashed into half an hour. It would’ve worked better on the ABC where it wouldn’t have been stuffed full of ads. I give Mike and Molly about two weeks there.

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