Celebrity Apprentice: sneak peek

The first episode of Celebrity Apprentice Australia is all about Pauline Hanson and Max Markson.

These two feature a lot (thank god for Julia Morris).

As this clip* shows, Hanson -or “Mama P.” as Deni Hines calls her- is already murdering the English language.

I’m not yet convinced that stripping this one is going to pay off like The Block did, because not everyone here is a) an unknown quantity b) likeable. Time will tell I guess…

But the Board Room scene with Mr. Bouris comes up well.

It launches in a 1 hr premiere 7pm Monday on Nine.

*Update: Nine has requested the clip be removed because this was not the final version. Pity…. it still ‘resonitates’ with me…


  1. Stupid Woman! I thought she bagged Australia and off to Pommie Land. What happened take one look at her stupidity and ship here back? Stupid Stupid Woman!

  2. @Secret Squirrel, I agree with you. It appears the Australian media are fascinated by her, though, and she still has a sizeable undercurrent of electoral support. I’ve never understood her, I don’t get where her almost bottomless pit of anger and very public disdain for non-whites comes from. As far as I can tell, the average Australian has not been disadvantaged by migrants. I know I certainly haven’t. Perhaps seeing her up close on The Apprentice will shed some light on her and her attitudes. At the very least, we’ll get to laugh at her on a nightly basis.

  3. @Ted From what I hear Excess Baggage is biggest loser with celebrities but they’re teamed up with everyday people and they travel around Australia doing challenges and yes Nine are stripping it in the first half of next year after the block.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    I bet Hanson would have got the shock of her life when she went to Britain. She would have been expecting it to be a mixture of Mary Poppins and Pride & Prejudice and would have been aghast when she discovered that some parts of England are awash with foreigners.

    I don’t know how she got away with her racist comments and behaviour either. She’s as vile as Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones.

  5. @Moanique, I’m afraid that Hanson is a racist. Back in 1995 she was disendorsed by the Liberal Party for stating she would not assist Aboriginal constituents if she won her seat, which is why she had to stand as an Independent. Her odious views on Asians are well-known and need not be recounted here. When she put her property up for sale a couple of years ago, she publicly stated that she would refuse to sell the property to a Muslim. I still do not understand why she wasn’t taken to the Anti-Discrimination Board for that statement, which bordered on vilification. She was supposedly moving to the UK for a fresh start as she did not approve of the direction Australia was going in. I note that relocation didn’t last long. Those are not the statements/actions of someone who is comfortable with other races/cultures.

  6. Sorry, @Moanique, anyone who states in her maiden speech to parliament that “we are in danger of being swamped by Asians” and follows that on with uninformed, bigoted statements about Aboriginals, Muslims and just about any other minority group is not just mean spirited and ignorant, but a racist.

  7. Moanique in Brisbane

    I agree with Jaye, that it is Deni Hines who is more likely to be the nasty one in this show. She has a history of speaking her mind in a very tactless way. Pauline on the other hand, is a very astute business woman, and for the last time people, she is not a racist !

  8. Pauline does seem out of her depth, no surprises there, but if you have seen the other promos, it is Deni (who?! I hear you cry), that appears to be shaping up as the shows snippy, nasty little b!atch.

  9. You make an interesting point about making it daily. Do audiences want unlikeable people in their living rooms five nights a week? They are promoting it like it is event television but few people would committ to watching it every night. I don’t think it will do well but I may be overestimating the Australian public again.

  10. OMG this is going to be bad, I can just feel it and those arguments in the promos just look cringe worthy. I hate 3 Big Bangs and 2 & 1/2 Mens in a row but surely Nine could come up with something better? Sale of the Centaury anyone, remember Letters and Numbers has quite a following on SBS.

  11. I agree with you about the stripping tactic, I’m not sure if it is going to pay off, either due to the unlikability and obnoxiousness of a number of the contestants, but Nine scored big with The Block, so history may repeat. As for Pauline Hanson, I have always thought she is a ghastly, one-trick pony. I have absolutely no time or patience for her at all. I hope she is one of the first to be fired, she’s awful and I have never understood the media fascination with her.

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