Celebrity Apprentice whacks Junior MasterChef

Nine's new Celebrity Apprentice got off to a good start with 1.32m viewers for its second half hour, as Junior MasterChef gets swamped.

Nine’s new Celebrity Apprentice Australia got off to a good start with 1.32m viewers last night for its second half hour.

The one hour challenge saw Pauline Hanson, Max Markson, Shane Crawford, Deni Hines and Warwick Capper trying their luck at a car wash for charity (with plenty of cars plugging businesses). Nine even coded the one hour show into two parts with the first half hour Celebrity Apprentice: Launch averaging 1.05m. The elimination of one of the men’s team won’t take place until tonight as part of Nine’s stripped format.

The one hour debut gave a new episode of The Big Bang Theory a strong 1.37m viewers. Numbers dipped at 8:30pm for The Mentalist (996,000). CSI: Miami was 599,000 for its first episode and 446,000 for the second.

Seven News was the night’s top show on 1.37m. Technically Home and Away beat the first half hour of Celebrity Apprentice with 1.12m viewers. The X Factor also won its slot averaging 1.35m viewers followed by Body of Proof (889,000), and Dual Suspects was 302,000.

Best for ABC1 was ABC News on 905,000 followed by Australian Story (881,000), 7:30 (748,000), Media Watch (726,000), Q & A (685,000) Four Corners (622,000).

TEN had to settle for fourth place last night, with The 7PM Project as their top performer on 716,000. Junior MasterChef was down to 679,000 presumably under attack from two reality contenders -beaten too by 7:30. Undercover Boss Australia was 603,000, Law & Order: SVU was 405,000 and Good News World was a dreadful 180,000 -thank goodness for its sketch gags delivering drama points.

SBS had a largely new-look Monday with Housos its best drawcard at 284,000 followed by  William Shatner’s Weird or What? (230,000), World News Australia (230,000), Kill Arman (151,000), South Park (137,000) and Skins (110,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels on 356,000. Supernatural was 176,000, Smallville was 97,000 and Weeds and The Big C were 61,000.

Seven won the night with 30.8% over Nine’s 28.8%, ABC was 17.8%, TEN 17.7% and SBS 4.9%.

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  1. JMC had to compete with XF. It did and then came CAA. If it moved to Tuesdays, JMC would still have XF to compete with. At least it won’t be with CAA, otherwise it might be crying fowl. Next week JMC suggested at the end they will be off to the US and Disneyland. My assumption is, people will suddenly tune in for this part of the series and then drop off again, when they return to Australia. Those kids reactions looked so priceless, the kids gone and those from last year will be in disappointment. They’ll be asking “Why didn’t I go”? “No fair!” etc…

    “Won’t somebody please think of the children”! That’s a Simpsons’ quote aimed at TEN to move it to Tuesday or Thursday. That’s when CAA is a 1/2 hr ep.

  2. It ‘technically’ beat CA? It either did or it didn’t…it’s ratings- it’s all technical.

    It serves Nine right for their tricky coding- they could have coded it as one show- it would gave beat H&A, but looked less competitive against X. It seems they just want more shows in the top 10…doest help them win the week though

  3. I thought Celebrity Apprentice would do well given it was the top trending topic in Australia on Twitter last night. As for Junior MasterChef, it was a terrible figure.

  4. I taped the apprentice but I saw snippets while flicking. Its funny how Deni Hines was all gun ho about Pauline Hnson and wanting her to make her cry and now she has realised she really isnt all that bad.

    Im glad the girls won and glad to see Jesinta Campbell donate her money to the jim stynes charity. I wonder who will go form the boys. From what I saw and heard warick capper was a bit lazy. Id love to see him try to hold a conversation with Mark Bouris. Two completely different brain cells there.

    I agree. Julia Morris is hilarious and hope she can stay in for awhile.

  5. Like her or hate her, Pauline Hanson gets people watching whatever crappy reality show she’s appearing in.
    Ten can’t take a trick, but much of it is self-inflicted, and indicative of Lachlan Murdoch’s destructive cost cutting methodology.
    Junior MasterChef could do with a change of timeslot or moving it to another night when it isn’t in competition with X Factor, because it’s quite watchable and the kids this year are a good bunch of little chefs.

  6. I watched Celebrity Apprentice during the ad breaks for The X Factor and it was absolutely terrible. Pauline Hanson washing a car in her underwear, trashy, pathetic, and ridiculous. Does everyone forgot the atrocity that was the “One Nation Party” two years ago?

    I remember what the Chaser did a few years ago at her book signing. That was bloody hilarious

  7. I enjoyed Celebrity Apprentice, Julia Morris is very funny. There are definitely more drop-kicks amongst the males of the show, although it won’t always be males against females. Will be interesting to see how the ladies work with the men.

  8. It was high drama in our house last night. Not only did TV Week not have Celeb App listed as being on at all, we also had to flick between up to four shows at once (X Factor, Jnr Masterchef, Celeb App and Kill Arman) = Stress!
    I agree Jellyman! Plus, Julia Morris was absolutely hysterical, I think I will watch just because of her.

  9. Thanks for the detailed report David, since we don’t have the other ratings page for now. Good on Nine for closing the gap to Seven, still bad news for TEN being pipped by ABC again.

    I didn’t watch FTA last night, choosing Rove LA then catching up with some other shows I’d recorded.

  10. What’s wrong with the 1.32 million Australians? Knew it would rate, cos there’s lots of idiots in Australia, but quite sad really. We’re turning more and more into America with more trashy tv. It’s obvious who’s getting fired tonight if anyone’s seen the story that’s been online for weeks now with a nude photo shoot with only 5 male contestants.

    Caught some of Good News World last night. It was terrible. What were Ten thinking? Good News Week was a good show, good format and they went and switched it to this crap.

  11. Wow @ TEN. What terrible numbers across the entire night. The 7PM Project is their top show for the night!! Jnr MC on 679k!!

    Bad news for Shine as well after what happened with The Renovators.

  12. I think a lot of people expected Junior MC to get whacked by Celebrity Apprentice and X Factor – and they did.

    However I expected Celebrity Ap to rate much higher than what it actually got. 1m and then 1.3m? I expected something closer to 2m

  13. I watched Celebrity Apprentice last night , alot of setups as per usual ,tonights an elimination night so that will be interesting as for what the figures will be.
    JMC , a worrying trend is setting in i think , but next week sees the start of the USA trip , Disneyland and other places , maybe this just doesnt have the pull that it use to but ill watch it and see.

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