‘Choppergate’ reporter drops case against Nine

Cameron Price, who was sacked by Nine News Brisbane after its ‘Choppergate’ scandal has withdrawn his action against the Nine Network.

In a statement, Nine said: “Cameron Price today announced that he had withdrawn his action against the Nine Network following agreement reached in direct discussion between Cameron and Nine Management.

“Both parties are happy with the outcome.

“Nine thanks Cameron for his contribution to Nine and both parties wish each other well for the future.”

Fellow reporter Melissa Mallet and producer Aaron Wakeley also were fired, while Nine’s Brisbane director of news Lee Anderson resigned. Mallet was subsequently hired by Seven’s Townsville station.

Source: Courier-Mail


  1. Excuse my ignorance but is there not a union or a social body that protects media/journalist employees rights at work?

    If not, I don’t blame him for going after Nine. It’s not as if they are ever going to hire him again so why not get a few bucks while he has a case. I doubt 7 or ABC care much if someone sues Nine, it would probably be a highlight on his CV now anyway

  2. Yes, junior, smart move on the part of your advisers. Stations unlikely to hire you if they know you run off to lawyers at the drop of a hat.
    Fortunately Seven in Townsville doesn’t have a helicopter.
    Nine still at it, reporter standing in front of bushes at Port Moresby airport, supposedly reporting on the Madang (or “Medang” as Nine spells it) plane crash. Bit like running out to Mascot to report on something that’s happened in Melbourne.

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