Class of 2011 is now held back to 2012

One of TEN's profile shows for 2011 will no longer air this year.

One of TEN’s profile shows for 2011 will no longer air this year.

Class Of… a factual series which takes a class of underperforming students and helps coach them for the future is now scheduled for 2012.

A TEN Spokesperson says, “Class Of is developing into an emotional, powerful series and after having seen what we’ve filmed we think it deserves a more considered environment, the start of the school year offers that fit.”

The show, which was teased to audiences after the MasterChef finale, began filming earlier this year. It was first floated at the 2011 Programming Launch a year ago and in August TEN indicated that it would air later this year.

But while TEN is airing Recruits: Paramedics, Merlin and Keeping up with the Joneses after The Renovators, plans for Class Of are now rescheduled.

In January Programming Chief David Mott told TV Tonight the sizzle reel for the Scandinavian show at MIP TV was so impressive that TEN bought the rights and asked Shine Australia to produce it.

“The sizzle was just outstanding. And when you’re listening to a whole lot of people talk about promos, and suddenly there’s this sizzle for a thing called Class Of… we went ‘Wow!’” he said.

“There are a lot of shows that have a ‘Me Too’ format, and we’ve been accused of that, but I think there seems to be a lot more on other networks, but this stood out as being quite special.”

Shine Australia’s Managing Director Matt Campbell told TV Tonight, “We are very happy with the series we made, it’s up to the network to program it and from what we can see this is purely a scheduling issue.”

TEN says the title of the show, which has on occasions been referred to as Class of 2011, will remain simply Class Of…

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  1. @Jerome – Don’t Stop Believing was in pre-production when the pin was pulled and with good reason; did you not see the UK Figures? The idea was pretty horrid. You for one would have jumped on the Ten bashing bandwagon when that show crashed and burned on launch. Renovators was made and so was Class Of, it’s just being held off, both Nine and Seven have previously mentioned shows that simply haven’t even made it to the production stage.

    Not to mention that Ten are usually quite good at keeping the promise and launching shows; aside from this year I can’t really recall a program launch where shows were announced and never made it to air.

    Taking into account the shoddy takeover of management this year it has been far from Ten’s best but I think 2012 should be the start of change.

  2. @Ryaneco. just because another kid does something doesn’t make it right. i think the ten bashing is warranted, just as it was warranted for 9 last year. i get that stuff happens, sometimes things that are not in the networks control, its the amount its happened that is the issue. at tens 2011 launch they announced 4 new projects Don’t Stop Believing, The Renovators, Class Of and Inside Out. a relatively small commitment to local content compared to what was needed and expected, but the justification was that atleast the shows will make it to air, unlike 9 who at the time were notorious for announcing heaps of projects probably with little intention of following through.

    here we are at the end of the year and 9 has had a marked improvement with Dance Nation the only one that didn’t make, it was ten that only followed through on 1/4 shows.

  3. Let’s be fair here and quit the ten bashing. They are hardly the only network to promise a show and not deliver it. Both nine and seven have promised shows in the past that never eventuate.

  4. Move over Gillard Network Ten has stolen your idea, yet another broken promise by David Mott and his overlord Murdoch. the more Ten keep over promising and under delivering the more viewers they will loose. If i was a shareholder at Ten i wouldnt be too happy with the idiots running the ship.

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