1. Armchair Analyst

    Looks very good, as usual puts australian content to shame. The music and the score sounds great and its great to see Larry Hagman back on Tv. I dont remember watching the original. The cast looks great and i will be tuning in. They have not changed the formula, rich tall handsome men and rich beautiful and bitchy women abosolutly sticking to the formula because it works every time.

  2. This is excellent news. Can’t wait! Really good to see a show with a mix of older and younger cast members. Even better to see something that seems big in scope… i.e. not another murder-of-the-week series. I grew up watching it with my grandparents so it will definitely have some nostalgia. Let’s give it a go before we start sledging it…!

  3. Looking forward,hope they get it right.

    Upcoming storyline is that the whole previous series was a dream & Bobby & Pam will wake up in each others arms….much to the dismay of JR.

    Always thought Nine could have done a continuation of The Sullivans set in the 50’s/60’s.

  4. i can’t wait either and hope it does well. poor larry hagman, hope he gets better soon, and what’s with linda gray – its like she’s been in a time machine and looks younger than she did in 1980

  5. I think it looks great. Pity Victoria Principal isn’t back. But it’s kinda cool that all the non-Dallas originals in the main cast have appeared on Desperate Housewives.

  6. Screw American Networks and their bloody remakes. They Don’t work! I will flick this one now and even if it turns out good i don’t care. Remakes suck period!

  7. I hope the new “dallas” makes its way to free to air tv over here.I am so looking forward to it :)I am currently watching season 9(the dream season) right now

  8. Kristin Shepherd

    Hey Steve it’s not a remake -it’s the continuation of a saga – the next generation as it were. BTW 902010 still on air in the US as the next gen of Beverley Hills 90210.

    Let’s all just hope its no “Charlie’s Angels” and thank god for big screen TV’s ability to capture the magnifience of Larry Hagman’s eyebrows!

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