Damien Leith to host New Idea Test Kitchen

Singer Damien Leith will host New Idea Test Kitchen, the new cookery and craft show to air nationally on 7TWO and Seven from next month.

The show will feature recipes for Christmas and summer entertaining, will road test kitchen gadgets and give information about fresh produce. Each week a celebrity will also shop for ingredients and whip up one of their favourite meals.

New Idea’s food director, Barbara Northwood and food editor, Pamela Jones, will also be cooking alongside Leith in the kitchen.

Kim Wilson, Editor in Chief, New Idea commented, “We know how passionate our readers are about food and cooking, so we’re thrilled to bring the pages to life and be able to offer yet another way for Australians to feast on the magazine’s content in this dynamic format.”

“I’m just thrilled, excited and can’t wait,” Leith added.

This is the second format for the magazine following New Idea TV.


  1. I am a huge huge fan of Damien Leiths. I have been to his concerts and his is just fantastic., he is the best performer and singer and song writer I know. I love that damien is on The New Idea Test Kitchen and he has now inspired me to cook. I have because of him developed a passion for cooking and trying new recipes. Damien is an amazing man and he is my inspiration.

    Erica D

  2. A bit surprising for Damien but not stretching it for Ch 7…
    Check out his co-hosting stint with Kylie this year when he cooked up a yummy risotto (see Ch.7 “The Morning Show” website’s ‘Food’ link… ‘Damien’s Risotto’ video is on p.2). Just an average dad having a go in the kitchen with fun, flair and a butter obsession! Genuinely down to earth yet so multi-talented.
    And I bet you’ll understand him through the cute accent too.

  3. @Moanique, same here, I can’t understand him, either. I find his accent almost as impenetrable as Manu’s. Sounds like an odd choice of host to me.

  4. Maev....Sydney

    Love Damien Leith…I am a big fan of his music….
    I really enjoyed the New Idea show when it was on before….
    But what the two have in common?…I am somewhat confused?!?
    I will watch and see….. 🙂

  5. Do we know what time this will air on 7TWO? Will it affect Shortland Street in anyway? I admit to being a bit scared whenever there are changes on 7TWO in case they get rid of anymore soaps lol.

  6. He sounds ideal to me. He loves dabbling in the kitchen and this is a Test kitchen where they can test the recipes. According to the article there will be professional cooks there plus guests.
    this will be a great opportunity for his natural charm to show through. He is a very funny person and co hosted on radio a couple of days last week.
    It is a tremendous choice to have him.

    I think it is a great idea and I’m with Bruce, I would love a Christmas CD too.

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