Dannii decides….. AGT or BGT?

Talk about sitting pretty. Both Australia’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent are vying for Dannii Minogue to take the judge’s seat.

Minogue has been a judge on AGT since its inception in 2007. Her success on the show led to a role on The X Factor UK in 2008, during which she frequently fought with Sharon Osbourne. But this year she was unable to participate due to a scheduling clash between the shows.

Now Simon Cowell wants her for Britain’s Got Talent and is reportedly trying to shuffle schedules so she can do both shows.

While the Aussie series allows her to stay in Australia with her young family, the UK role is far more valuable to her brand, including how it might elevate her clothing label.

Her name has also been rumoured to be on a wish list for Nine’s The Voice in 2012.

One source says Simon Cowell is a huge Dannii fan will have the final say in decisions.

“But Dannii is holding the cards – truly, anything is possible at this stage,” they said.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. Danni has a clothing label?

    I suppose that should be no surprise given I could not name one of her songs where I can name plenty of her sisters. Funny that though given I like Danni better.

  2. How hard can this be Simon Cowell? Do BGT from September to November – if a singer wins, get that album out before Christmas in the UK.

    AGT can be run between February and June.

    That gives Dannii and Family some nice time off for the northern hemisphere summer and an Australian Summer/Christmas with the Minogue Family in Melbourne

  3. Surely the obvious compromise is for her to do Britain’s Got Talent, quit Australia’s Got Talent but find a place for her on the Aussie X Factor – so basically just flip the roles she’s had for the last few tears.

  4. She definatly seems to be the queen of Singing/Talent shows atm with Simon Cowell as a king…. I don’t know if i’d want to do 2 talent shows however. I’d prefer the talent show and singing combo she used to do

  5. @Jake – Dannii only famous for being famous??!!??
    Let’s get the facts straight Jake –
    Started on YTT from age 7 & became the biggest young talent in Austrralia, launched her own clothing range (long before Kylie was in Neighbours)
    Moved on to Home & Away then launched her singing career
    5 studio albums, over 20 hit singles – charting in countries all over the world
    Biggest success in the UK – moved on to tv presenting, modelling, theatre – while continuing her successful singing career.
    Became a tv judge on UK X Factor in 2007 – completing 4 seasons
    First starting judging Australia’s Got Talent in 2007 & completed her 5th season this year.
    In 2009 she launched her own clothing label Project D & has become a fashion icon
    Diversity is the key in this business – if you haven’t got the talent how can you sustain a successful career for over 30 years!

  6. @ J Bar – So as you say, Dannii was on Young Talent Time, Home + Away and also had her own clothing label and of cousre let’s not forget she had a few “hit” singles…….my comment still stands….she is famous for being famous….

  7. Love Dannii, her personality lends itself really well to these judging roles.. stick with the got talent franchise Dannii, next to X-factor its probably the biggest thing in TV in the world at the moment. The Voice is unknown here in Australia and nine have a dreadful track record with ‘shiny floor shows’ like this of late

  8. @Jake. Danni was famous before Kylie on Young Talent Time, when she also first started designing clothes. She was on Home & Away and had some hit singles. Then she managed to carve a new career as a judge. You can’t say she is just famous for being famous.

  9. Both of these shows want Dannii?? Incredible really for a woman who has only been famous for being Kylie Minogue’s sister!!….come to think of it Dannii’s always only been famous for being famous!!

  10. Well she’s definitely way too good for The Voice, she can forget about that. BGT might be good for her though, less of a commitment but still a high profile job. She would be dumb to step out of the Simon Cowell umbrella.

  11. Well AGT is the only thing she has to stay relevant here in Australia.. so she wouldn’t be doing it for the money although I’ll be quite happy to see her drain Seven’s budget in the attempt to get her to stay

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