Darren McMullen to host The Voice

Darren McMullen is said to have landed the hosting role on Nine's upcoming Reality contest.

Darren McMullen, last seen as host of Minute to Win It, is said to have landed the hosting role on Nine’s upcoming Reality contest, The Voice.

The Daily Telegraph tips him as “the last piece in The Voice puzzle” following earlier reports that Keith Urban, Seal, Delta Goodrem and Joel Madden will judge.

McMullen, a former MTV presenter, hosted Minute to Win It for Shine Australia -which is also producing The Voice for Nine. So far no talent, including judges, have been confirmed.

Scottish-born McMullen has recently been hosting a US dating show, Love In The Wild for NBC.

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  1. Good choice nine, this guy knows how to present a show without looking like a deer in headlights as he reads the auto que. I believe he’s been hosting live shows in the UK and America so he obviously is good at his craft. Looking forward to this. Thought Seal was a weird choice but oh well. I’ll be watching, don’t fuck it it up Nine.

  2. Relieved it’s not Eddie but I lost interest when the judges were announced. Delta and Keith, fine – but are the others really that well-known and respected iin Australia – or terribly current in their own countries?

  3. He is a good choice! He was my pick to host X Factor but 7 chose the useless Luke Jacobs instead. It’s a shame that he will be wasted on the voice though, as I don’t really like that show very much.

  4. Hi David, I might be a bit behind the times here, but are Seven ever planning to produce a second series of Minute to Win It? I know it wasn’t exactly ground-breaking television, but I thought it was an hour of good, dumb fun.

  5. He has also been hosting the UK version of Minute to Win It for ITV2 – was suprised to see him when I went over there.

    He is a capable host. Glad to see it was not a Nine staple because that would have doomed the show from the start.

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