Doubts continue on Renovators return

TEN is talking to sponsors about whether it will return The Renovators in 2012.

Lachlan Murdoch said the network was talking to clients who were positive about the show, but wasn’t sure if the show would return.

“Talking to sponsors there is quite a positive inclination and desire to bring it back, with reset expectations as to what it will rate and what it will deliver to an audience,” he said.

“So we are in discussions as to whether or not we bring it back and in what form we bring it back. I think the key thing is if we bring it back it will be with smaller, reset expectations. But the interesting thing there is that a number of sponsors are keen to bring it back.”

The statement is despite TEN announcing the show would return during its 2012 Programming Launch in August.

In yesterday’s Annual Results Presentation TEN gave a snapshot of new and returning local shows.

Young Talent Time,
It’s a Knockout,
Puberty Blues,
Bikie Wars,
Reef Doctors,
Underground: The Julian Assange Story.

The Project,
Biggest Loser,
Bondi Vet,
Bondi Rescue,
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation.

There were three major titles conspicuous by their absence yesterday:
The Renovators,
Junior MasterChef,

Admittedly the list was not comprehensive -it doesn’t for instance include The Circle, which we know is resuming. And let’s not start on Ready Steady Cook.

But when you’re talking programming highlights these three shows have all been considered premium products before.

In fairness it’s probably a little early to rule on Junior MasterChef given it’s only a few weeks into its second season (there is some talk of a possible MasterChef: The Professionals edition).

Rush faces major problems, an AFI and critically acclaimed drama, but now passed its 65 episode Tax Rebate. I hope the network makes a statement before the season finale and doesn’t do what Seven did regarding City Homicide -it still hasn’t said it’s axed.

TEN says the only change since August relates to Your Gen (which isn’t quite true given news on 6:30 with George Negus, It’s a Knockout and the retitled Project).

But is it that the only change -so far- relates to Your Gen?


  1. I loved The Renovators as well, but the timing for it was wrong and the format needs tweaking and a lot of simplification. I’m inclined to say rest it next year and wait until the Sydney property market heats up again. It is not exactly on the boil at the present time, as was proven by that dismal finale. Several of those houses, Peter’s in particular, went for a steal.

  2. Oztvheritage(YouTube channel)

    The renovators should definatley return. But with a major renovation. It needs to be simplified for the viewer. And it needs a regular time slot. Not 7.30 one night and 8pm the next and back to 7.30. Ten programmers are just toooo close to it. 7pm time slot could definatley work. Worked well for mc a few years ago and worked well for the block in 2010.

  3. As long as the smarmy Brendan Bore does not return, I will be happy.

    Truly, he is up there with Karl S and Andrew OK as the three people who most make me grab for the remote control to turn the TV off!

  4. MasterChef: The Professionals – Sounds interesting. I just hope there isn’t more MC fatigue. I thinkit has already started judging by the ratings, because it’s loaded with drama and not cooking. But if it’s like the Renovators in some way (experienced contestants instead of amateur) it would be interesting to watch.

    Too bad they don’t have Big Brother, I’d be curious to watch that again since it’s been a while.

  5. I really loved the Renovators. Very sleek format and chic content but the timing was the issue having it right after The Block which it was far superior too but unfortunately most people had invested in The Block instead and had their renovating fill.

    Fingers crossed for a 2012 return.

    • CDK: Screen Australia subsidies are available for the first 65 eps of a series. Essentially after they pass 65 eps they lose 20% of their funding so it becomes harder to produce. We’ve seen a number of shows exit at around or below this number lately. Sea Patrol, Rescue Special Ops etc.

  6. I hope rush isn’t axed, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this season – which I have to admit, is the first one i’ve actually gone out of my way to watch. I’ll be definitely checking out the previous seasons when this current one ends.

  7. What Ten really need to do is have Neighbours at 6pm on Ten followed by The Project at 6.30, and then move back to 7pm shows like Masterchef, The Biggest Loser, and The Renovators. That would really help lift the ratings. And then their other shows like TAYG, Glee can still be on at 7.30. Both were forced to 8.30 earlier this year.
    And if they keep Renovators, Masterchef and Biggest Loser surely that would be enough to cover 7pm timeslot all ratings year.

  8. I reckon they should rest it a year or two. I loved the show, but the finale was a massive let-down. They need to wait for the property market to heat up again.

    Every house sold for a loss — even those that apparently made a “profit” — due to the prizes that were awarded (not to mention the cost of labour)

    Also, let’s not let purchasers know what has been spent on it: there’s no benefit to the public to know the original purchase price or the renovation budget.

  9. It’s a shame didn’t do well due to such obvious flaws which are easier and in fact cheaper to carry out to bring an audience back.

    As well TEN need a ‘tent pole’ program to carry through after MasterChef. Unless they bring back Aus Idol or SYTYCD in a more stripped version like Seven have done with X Factor..

  10. I do hope Rush continues… but I doubt it’ll happen. Rush is my favourite Aust. Drama ever produced. Keep it TEN! And give it a better timeslot.

  11. I am so glad that TEN is bringing back Your Gen. That is a great show.
    And I hope they bring back Rush.
    And what about Good News Week? Are they bringing it back to the old format too?

  12. haha @ mv, I was going to write that exact comment. enough is enough. It’s obvious it won’t be returning, TEN just don’t want it to seem like it was a big fat waste of money that shouldn’t have aired in the first place by saying its ‘possible’ it will return.

  13. Aren’t network execs supposed to talk their products up, not down?

    We want our sponsors to sign up again but they just have to realise that nobody will be watching. If they have low expectations then nobody can complain about not getting value for money.

  14. What can I say…We absolutely loved the Renovators. For us it was beyond and above what that other show is…lol….And by watching Renovators we got into watching The 7pm Project before it, otherwise we would never have tuned in to Project at all. Besides all that we have followed Brendan Moar all the way through Pay TV land and all his shows on there through to commercial TV. Bring the show back, even with some trimming…

  15. ” I hope the network makes a statement before the season finale and doesn’t do what Seven did regarding City Homicide -it still hasn’t said it’s axed.”

    Oooh so there’s a chance it might come back? I still hope. City Homicide was one of the best Aussie shows on tv, definitely best cop show. Great cast, great writing, great directing, all round great quality. Loved it. Rush this season has been just the same and its best season yet. Would really suck to lose these two great shows in 2 years.

    Your Gen, Offspring, Rush and The Renovators are the only ones I probably care about, and 3/4 have question marks over their future.

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