George Negus: “I think we proved our point.”

George Negus last night bid farewell to his short-lived current affairs experiment on TEN.

The final show was a retrospective of its 200 nights on air, reminding us that it had tackled important themes in a primetime slot.

A montage looked back on stories covering Japan, Somalia, UK riots, Norway tragedy, Washington politics, Middle Eastern conflicts, Australian politics, 9/11 anniversary, Australian floods, drug raids, indigenous issues, climate change, environmental issues, farming, sport, enertainment, high achievers, disabilities, Muslim families and more…

It was an ambitious, but admirable, roll-call.

There were final reports from Hamish McDonald, Hugh Riminton, Eddie Meyer and Emma Dallimore.

Negus opened his show last February promising “A genuinely different way of looking at things both here in Australia and the rest of the world.”

It ended with a final editorial.

“I think we proved our point. There is an audience out there who want to be told not just what’s happening in this country and around the world, but why. Unfortunately, not enough of you buggers watched us often enough. It’s your fault. Just joking,” he said.

Negus, who will return to The Project from Monday, also thanked his team.

“We broke new ground, guys. Proud of you.”


  1. Too early in the evening for this kind of serious visual journalism. It was a noble attempt, but seriously, people getting from from work and getting ready for tea would not want to watch this…

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