GO! on-sells shows to Foxtel

GO! will return a new season of Fringe and Curb Your Enthusiasm “soon” and launch new shows The Hard Times of R.J. Berger and reality series I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

The Hard Times of R.J. Berger is an MTV series about RJ Berger (Paul Iacono), the unpopular kid at school whose appendage makes him the centre of attention. Shades of a teenage Hung, with a hint of The Wonder Years.

But GO! has also on-sold some shows to Foxtel that it had promised it would air including the US version of Shameless starring William H. Macy, and the third season of The Vampire Diaries.

Hart of Dixie, which features Rachel Bilson as a big time NYC doctor who is forced to move to country Alabama, will also premiere on Foxtel instead of GO!

This isn’t the first time shows from the Nine Network have been on-sold to Foxtel, with Gossip Girl and Smallville as previous examples.

In September Foxtel’s Brian Walsh told TV Tonight that it had made deals with the three commercial Free to Air networks for new content.


  1. How “soon” is soon for GO? I’ve been very patent, waiting for season 4 of fringe….still waiting. And what do I get oh, excuses baggage WTF! GO and WIN are such a joke!

  2. FTA networks don’t onsell to Pay TV networks. The TV studios sell the rights for both FTA and STV broadcast. One has nothing to do with the other. Usually it is broadcast first on FTA unless a deal has not been struck, where it will then be sold to Pay TV only (ie: Entourage).

  3. this channel is such a joke that I have looked to other methods to be able to see my tv shows now because loyalty clearly doesn’t mean anything to go anymore, like VD and Fringe… It doesn’t even register as a shame anymore that’s how apathetic the situation has become!

  4. highly discussed at the vampire diaries i dont have pay tv and i refuse to get it as i wont pay 70 odd dollars to see commercials so i will have to wait for the dvd release

  5. i’ve been wondering why uktv hadn’t aired i’m a celebrity…..yet and now i know why. i don’t care what time/day it is on or even if its moved around – just hope Go airs all of the episodes,

  6. Find it amusing that GO! are keeping Fringe despite the new season likely being its last… looks like they’ve well and truly given up on screening new material completely! FTA is utterly useless in this country. Absolute disgrace. No wonder no one watches it anymore.

  7. Thank you David I’ve been dreading and looking forward to this information. I’m not surprised you confirmed the FOX8 information about The Vampire Diaries. But I’m glad you ended the uncertainty. I think it a bummer that they sold it. Ironically I was one of the few that could take advantage of the more reliable late night repeats.

    I’m very happy that I’ll still be able to see Fringe on FTA TV. I hope they put it on Wednesdays I personally prefer 9.30pm as there’s less censorship then. I guess we’ll see if the news of when it’ll be shown will be first announced here or GO! announces it with ads or on the internet. If the ads show up during Chuck I’ll be able to see them. I loved the last ads of season 3. Also that they were accurate. Thanks again David.

    P.S. @ Secret Squirel. 🙂

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if shows like Fringe, Nikita and others get played only during summer for 2 months and just movies for the other months of ratings period. or even 11:30 slots only, even for Vampire Diaries when it returns once Fox8 finish airing seasons 1-3. but Foxtel should at least air double eps or something to catch up quicker. 3 seasons would take ages to get through once a week, and the dvds are out now anyway so its not like many will be watching seasons 1&2 on Fox8 anyway.

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