GO!! Show reunion tour

Before there was Countdown there was Bandstand and the GO!! Show (ok and a few others too, Happening ’71 for instance…).

It hit the television airwaves in 1964 and earlier this year had an anniversary tour as friends got together to relive the music of their youth, parents brought their children to share their music memories and fans turned up in the ‘Mod’ fashion of the 60’s.

Now there will be another tour in 2012 in Melbourne and Adelaide, with further cities to follow.

It will feature:

•Masters Apprentices;
•MPD Ltd;
•Dinah Lee;
•Darryl Cotton;
•Tony Worsley;
•Johnny Young;
•Normie Rowe; (pictured)
•Ronnie Burns;
•Bobby Bright;
•Marcie Jones
•Ian Turpie.

Producer Dennis Smith says, “I was involved in the production of the original GO!! Show back in the 60’s and always felt there would be interest in an anniversary concert, but even I was taken by surprise at the amount of interest the show generated and the ongoing calls I have had for another tour.”


  1. Maggie deKort

    Those were the best years of my life….and I still love Ronnie Burns. I missed the first Go Show Reunion as I come from Brisbane and was not quick enough to get tickets but this time I am definitely going to be there. I used to jump the stage but I doubt I could still do that….but I could give it a try!

  2. John from Sunny Coast

    Oh the memories. In December 1964, I went with the rest of my 4th form high school class to see the live version of the GO show at the Myer music bowl as an end of year excursion. It was later broadcast on ATV Channel 0 (now TEN) They were great days.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    Lucky there are two exclamation marks. If it was the GO! Show, when people turned up to see it, they’d find out that it wasn’t going to start at 8:30pm as advertised but had been bumped to 10:30pm on a different night and replaced by a repeat of The Big Spam Theory.

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