Grant Denyer hints at Sunrise exit

Grant Denyer has given an interview in which he talks about a future without Sunrise.

With Sunrise presenters currently in the midst of rumours, Denyer said with his contract coming up he was reassessing his career.

Sunrise, whilst being a fun show, is just a life-sucking experience. Whilst you get to see some of the great places of the country, it is at breakneck speed and it can’t be sustained,” he told the West Australian.

“There has to be some normality pretty soon. I am certainly not going to sacrifice my lifestyle just for a breakfast television show, it’s not worth it,” he said.

Denyer returned to Sunrise in January 2010 after four years away. Since that time he has become a father but he is keen to remain with Australia’s Got Talent. A full-time move to motor racing next year is also not out of the question.

“There is certainly enough demand and opportunity around for me to be able to do that, and that is why I am reassessing things,” he said. “Motor racing is an exciting and passionate part of my life; television is not everything to me.”

Of course contract renewal time is also the perfect time to talk about quitting a show to media…

Meanwhile, Weekend Sunrise weatherman, the very affable James Tobin,told me last week he just loves his job.


  1. Why do these weather people have to go traveling the country bringing us boring useless nonsense about communities that nobody in the wider country is interested in. Why can’t they just remain in the studio and give us their out of date weather reports. Up to date weather reports are found elsewhere on the net. If Grant Denyer wants to leave then GO. Who cares. Network Seven will find some other idiot who makes women’s panties wet or blokes dicks hard just to keep up ratings.
    Stupid segments with stupid women making uniformed comments on so called stories of the day and the same with the stupid radio blokes. The sooner they get rid of Sunrise, Today, A Current Affair and Today Tonight the better of free to air TV will be!.

  2. It never fails to astonish me that eveyone can have a go at anyone over the internet.When did we become so narrow minded and cruel. I would never want to be in the limelight as i could not bear to read all the uninformed comments by faceless people directed at me. This man can not possibly defend himself without winding up with another barrage of critisim directed at him. Are the rest of us so perfect in the choices we make and the things we say ??

  3. ok !! for all you “negative “people , back off.! Grant. he has done a wonderful job, doing his job. evryone is entitled to their opinion.but for heavens sake to pick on him is atroshis . we find an look for him an his anticks everymorning , hes young an has rights too … koshys jokes are not so good . he wants to give it up . an Nat, shes a wee bit solom but all in all they have a very enjoyable show . we both. hubby an myself wish Grant all the very best if he leaves , an wish him luck on his new adventure wot ever it may be . going to miss you Grant .

  4. Why do Sunrise and Today have weathermen that go across Australia and the world, why don’t they stay in the studio. Like Nat and Beretta do for their news and weather, why don’t the have a weather podium like news and sport, and grant can sit at the desk and couch during discussion etc. That will be good, a bit like Al Rocker on NBC Today, he presents the weather from the studio and also contributes to discussion.

  5. Really, no refrence to his previous depature and subsequent return which was as a result of him approaching Nine/Today to join there team if there was not a position available for him on Sunrise, Id love to see them replace him on AGT too, there are plenty of other peoplethere that can do the job!

    If they do revamp the sunrise “Family” next year I hope they dont look for copies of what they already have, bring in a young female for the weather again, adn if they don’t give Natalie Barr the hosting role, hopefully get gets the afternoon bulletin instead.

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