Housos: sneak peek

Paul Fenech is back with his unique brand of politically incorrect humour set in a fictional housing commission block.

Get ready for Housos, the latest incarnation from Paul Fenech (Fat Pizza, Swift & Shift Couriers).

He’s back with his unique brand of politically incorrect humour set in the fictional housing commission block of Sunnyvale.

His knockabout cast of characters includes Jason ‘Jabba’ Davis, Kev the Kiwi Taumata, Habib Tahir, Melissa Tkautz, Ian Turpie, Amanda Keller and Angry Anderson plus Elle Dawe and Fenech himself.

In the first episode the residents of Sunnyvale fight hard to scam their way through life with a delivery of suspicious parcels and questionable disability benefits claims.

It premieres Monday, 24 October at 10.00pm on SBS ONE.

Warning: language and adult themes.

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  1. @Someone: Dunno about anyone else, but if it’s hilariously offensive and stupid, then I don’t care. All power to Fenech.

    @DanielW: Did you mistake this for a documentary? In any event, the obvious slapstick is clearly not encouraging people to use disabled parking spaces.

  2. Why sneak peek “Kids in a boot”. Why not hot topic issues like “Centrelink issues”, “bad neighbours”. But the peek did suggest, Disability payments. That may not go down well, with the real centrelink people. They want cheaters off that disability payment. And suggesting why us “dumbasses” don’t use disabled spots? You could have used it? You seem to run Sunnyville like your the Mayor and the wife’s the showgirl. But there are more videos on YouTube, so if you like it that much see the other stuff. And yes some of this not just Adult themes and course language. It’s like MA15+ themes and very severe language. 10pm might be the best option if SBS want to get away with this.

  3. Pizza was ok, Swift & Shift was pretty funny & some characters’ repressed homosexuality was even funnier (eg. ‘Abdul’ & ‘Mario’ etc), but sadly this looks like Australia’s biggest bogan Paul Fenech might’ve just jumped the shark, or just ran out of ideas! I won’t be holding my breath for this, unless it’s because of the smell. Other than the ‘kids in the boot’ bit, hopefully this was just a crappy scene selection though…

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