How many times can TEN play The Devil Wears Prada?


How many times can TEN play The Devil Wears Prada?

It’s just been scheduled for 9:30 on Friday night, in a slot that was still TBA.

But it means Go Girls won’t air this week, despite the third season beginning last week at 10:30pm.

TEN’s ratings on Friday last week were a shocker, but part of that was due to Rules of Engagement at 7:30pm. Given it’s numbers I do think moving House to Fridays makes sense, but not if it doesn’t have a decent lead-in and not if the schedule is spinning like a lazy susan around it. But I blogged on that last month. And back in 2008 .

TEN last played the Prada movie on July 31st, and will recycle it less than three months later. I guess there just weren’t enough Back to the Future sequels to go round.

I would have thought the much-needed drama points that Go Girls delivers would have helped it secure a slot. The NZ show passes as “local drama” if it is played in primetime on the primary channel. But not elsewhere.

Get ready for more About a Boy, Mean Girls, Love Actually and There’s Something About Mary?


  1. What’s happened to the new (first time) movies ?? “The devil wears prada” must be Lachlan Murdochs favourite movie. Lachlan has stuffed TEN. The AFL gone he just looking after his mates at foxtel

  2. Ten really needs to work on it’s Friday Night Line Up.I remember close to twenty years ago now It was 90210,Roseanne and Married with Children that saw us through to 9:30pm not sure exactly what came after those shows but it was a huge improvement over the crap they show now.

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