IF Awards 2011: nominees

The nominees have been announced for the IF Awards this morning in an event hosted by actors Susie Porter, Matilda Brown and Matt Day at The Ivy in Sydney.

In the feature film category are Face to Face, Oranges and Sunshine, Red Dog and The Eye of the Storm -the latter will air on ABC1 next year.

Actors including Vince Colosimo, Luke Ford, Matthew Newton, David Wenham, Geoffrey Rush, Sigrid Thornton, Emily Watson, Rachael Taylor and Judy Davis are some of those nominated in the film acting stakes.

Last year the IF Awards added two television categories.

In the Out of the Box category there are six contenders deemed to ‘have what it takes to jump to the big screen in the future.’

They are Alison Bell (Laid), Blake Davis (Tangle, The Slap), Annie Maynard (Spirited), Jessica Tovey (Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo), Anna McGahan (Underbelly: Razor) and Todd Lasance (Cloudstreet, Rescue Special Ops, Crownies).

The second category is for Contribution to Television and includes a mix of Producer / Writers, Directors and Network Execs.

They are: Peter Andrikidis, Mikael Borglund, Ewan Burnett, Michael Cordell, John Holmes, Claudia Karvan, Des Monaghan, David Mott, Rachel Perkins, and Roger Simpson.

The IF Awards will again be hosted by Eddie Perfect at the Sydney’s Luna Park on Wednesday 16th November.


  1. I know I made a similar comment last year, but how patronising is it of IF to hand out an award for someone who might “make the jump to the big screen in the future”? It implies that there is something sub-standard about working on television. The TV shows nominated (The Slap, Cloudstreet etc) are arguably better quality and inarguably more popular than pretty much every Australian film released this year. And if they’d bother looking overseas, they’d realise that acting, writing and directing talent is all flocking to TV.

    • I get that they want to have a category that differs from AFIs and Logies (or AACTAs and Logies), but wouldn’t it make more sense to recognise someone who has actually made the leap -not might make the leap?

  2. How does it work with so many people from one film being nominated for the same award? Is it like a SAG thing where it’s cast vs cast or just a lot of individual nominees?

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