If it’s Wednesday it must be ABC

ABC's Wednesday entertainment line-up again put the commercial networks in their place with Gruen, Spicks and Specks and Hamster Wheel all winners.

ABC’s Wednesday entertainment line-up again put the commercial networks in their place.

Gruen Planet was the top entertainment show of the night with 1.11m viewers, followed by Spicks and Specks on 1.08m viewers. The Hamster Wheel may have dropped to 815,000 but it still won its slot and down just 8,000 on the preceding week.

Seven led from 6pm – 8:30pm with Seven News (1.16m), Today Tonight (1.05m), Home and Away (1.00m) and The One (825,000). Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior was down to 593,000 and Law and Order: LA was 475,000.

Nine was unable to break the million mark all night with Nine News on 949,000 as its best, winning both Sydney and Melbourne markets. It was followed by ACA (837,000), The Big Bang Theory (807,000), Send in the Dogs Australia (794,000), CSI (751,000) and Prime Suspect (524,000).

Also under the million mark was TEN with 700,000 for a Modern Family replay its best performer. The 7PM Project was 670,000. From there it was a series of also-rans with Bondi Vet on 528,000, Hawaii Five-0 (497,000), TEN News at Five (477,000), The Bold and the Beautiful (391,000) and 6:30 with George Negus (357,000). An Idiot Abroad was only 238,000 and will need longer to perform in the 9:30 timeslot.

ABC1’s other shows were ABC News (876,000), 7:30 (678,000), Poh’s Kitchen (578,000), and At the Movies (452,000).

Best for SBS was One Born Every Minute on 261,000. Amazon with Bruce Parry was 247,000.

Heartbeat led multichannels on 307,000 followed by Neighbours on 294,000.

Seven: 29.1
Nine: 25.9
ABC: 21.7
TEN: 17.9
SBS: 5.4

ABC1: 16.8
Seven: 19.6
Nine: 18.7
Ten: 11.3
SBS1: 4.5

ABC2: 3.4
ABC3: 0.6
ABC News 24: 0.9
7TWO 4.9
7mate: 4.7
GO!: 4.6
Gem: 2.7
One: 2.3
Eleven: 4.3
SBS2: 0.9

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  1. @ Goonies

    I don’t watch based on what something rates as I’ve mentioned before I wanted the ratings because I like some shows and are curious on how they did. Also as an indication if it might show up the next week or the same timeslot with some channels. That’s why I’ve been a pest with some shows. Now they’ll just disappear and I guess I can guess why. Especially if they’ve been handled erratically. I’m also curious about figures in general especially for new shows. It was nice to have a small access to that.

    @ David

    I don’t suppose you can still have a Week X (eg. Week 44 ) and just use it as a collection of links for that week so people can find the ratings articles on that week. Lastly thank you so much for this site and the ratings. I hope it is still around for at least updates on last minute changes and general news.

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