Junior MasterChef begins to trim the kids

The first pint-sized chefs have been eliminated from Junior MasterChef.

Aya, 11 (NSW), Caroline, 11 (NSW), Jade, 9 (QLD) and Hannah, 10 (VIC) left the competition after guest chef Tony Bilson asked them to whip up Lobster Risotto with Chanterelles and Truffles. A tall order.

The four were part of a group of six who had battled through two challenges including their own versions of “The Perfect Roast” and a pressure test.

But despite being eliminated, the mini-chefs are happy to talk up their experience.

Caroline (pictured) said, “I’ve loved every minute of my time on Junior MasterChef. I knew that being on the show was going to be fun but I never realised how much fun we would all have. I was happy with the risotto today but unfortunately everyone did such a good job that mine just wasn’t good enough.”

Hannah added, “It was not scary cooking for the judges as I pretended in my mind the judges were my family members and I was just cooking for my family. I was a little nervous cooking for the Prime Minister though, in case I poisoned her! I was very pleased with my risotto dish, although everyone else’s looked spectacular so I knew it would be a tough decision for the judges to make.”

Producers eliminated 4 of the Top 20 to avoid isolating any one child.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    @ Chris. Actually i dont mind it when the kids realise that it is a competition afterall. Although that could be explained by the parents being pushy. still even if i could have watched this show i wouldnt have.

  2. Over the top, this series. I doubt many adult contestants would have an easy time of these recipes, let alone kids.
    I often think of ordinary kids at home watching this – you know, the Peter Russell Clarke kids cook book, let’s make mum and dad banana splits for dessert while ruining the kitchen-type kids. They must have Nothing to relate to.

  3. My two favourites (Caroline and Aya) left yesterday. 🙁 Also, I’m not really a fan of Zac. Most of the other kids are there to have fun but Zac seems like a game-player, which is understandable for the adult version but a bit unsettling in one so young.

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