Karl Pilkington teams up with Warwick Davis

Karl Pilkington will travel the world on a moped —with Warwick Davis in a basket on the front...

Karl Pilkington is being sent on another travel series by pal Ricky Gervais, but it won’t be part of An Idiot Abroad.

Instead he is set to embark on The Short Way Round, a spoof on Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s Long Way Round world trip.

This series will see Pilkington joined by Warwick Davis, the star of Ricky’s upcoming sitcom Life’s Too Short.

Pilkington will travel the world on a moped —with Davis in a basket on the front.

Gervais said, “I send Karl around the world on a bike with Warwick in the front basket. It’s not Shakespeare, but it’s funny, right?”

TEN is replaying An Idiot Abroad on Wednesday nights and has the rights to the second season.

Source: The Sun

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  1. Just thought I should mention that this show is actually not official in any way yet. It is an idea Gervais has been talking about for a few months and he has had some meetings with Davis and Pilkington, but it is only a possivility quite a bit down the road (no pun intended). After Life’s Too Short, and the Flanimals movie, the next project by Gervais and Merchant will be a series called “Derek” (an old skecth character Ricky created), which could also sprout a movie both having Ricky as the lead.

  2. Well, I actually chuckled out loud when reading that! It’s kinda wrong but sounds like it will be pretty funny.

    Hey Ten/One – where’s Bucket List? I won’t wait forever – summer’s coming and I’ll happily watch it on-line with someone else’s ads. Most of it will prob be on YouTube anyway.

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