Lachlan Murdoch pledges 30% revenue for 2012

In an interview with AdNews, TEN’s interim CEO Lachlan Murdoch has made some bold claims about the Network’s 2012 outlook.

Murdoch focusses on demographics and revenue, saying: “From 7pm, which is after the news hour, we out-perform Nine across every single demographic and that is not well understood in the market today.

“Since Renovators has come off, our ratings have bounced back very strongly. We have never spent as much money as we will next year on new programming across all of prime time, but also very significantly breakfast. Breakfast for us has been cartoons. We effectively have three new hours of TV we’ve never had before.

“We will certainly achieve over 30% revenue share next year,” he said.

But Nine spokesperson David Hurley told TV Tonight, “Lachlan’s obviously suffering a very bad case of selective memory loss.

“Not only was the Renovators a disaster , but so too the Negus experiment and all the much vaunted changes to TEN’s News. All now a smouldering pile of rubble. And now they’re trotting out the same silly forecasts about their breakfast program for next year. Oh dear. And can someone please tell Lachlan Nine has a little thing called the Olympics in 2012?”

Interestingly, when asked when a decision on the fate of Renovators would be made, Murdoch said: “It will be over the next few weeks.”

This is despite the Network already confirming the show would return next year at its 2012 Programming Launch. The same launch that promised “George and the 6:30 team” would return. I guess they are returning, just not where we presumed they would be.

Murdoch also conceded TEN may have went a few weeks too early with its programming “upfronts” presentation in August in a bid to pre-empt 2012 programming leaks.


  1. Ten has more to worry about from the ABC than Nine. The ABC has beaten Ten (mostly on primary channel numbers) quiet alot of recent times. The way Ten is going, they will proudly be no.4 instead of Lachlan’s fanciful dreaming of being no.2.

  2. who’s writing his comments?

    seems a little bizarre he invests and scrounges a few business “mates” into leading an industry 3rd place runner to achieve what? endless movie repeats, simpsons 7 days a week. one was something new and interesting and even it was nobbled for saving his paytv operation. he needs another 20years for most <30s to become unaware of his shady one tel, packer casino past (not to mention Rupie)

  3. He’s talking about key demos. The demos that advertisers spend money on.

    There has always been a misconception that Ten runs 3rd in terms of revenue. 9 are the channel that carry the most sport, they also have the most expensive output deal with a US Studio which is simply not worth the money and Ten do usually beat Nine across all key demos (yes there’s a lot of +50’s out there which skews the perception of success).

    If they were all publicly listed companies (which they’re not), Ten would be the best placed for growth. Nine are financially restrained from doing much extra than they’re doing and Seven has been well and truly on top for a long time now.

  4. Something is rotten within channel ten. Poor ratings stemming from thr renovators which should have been put down much earlier but one would have to wonder what link shine making it had to do with it being protected. The axing of late news, video hits, the
    disgraceful bastardisation of one and it’s disgraceful treatment of Nbl in particular, it’s non bidding of afl – how much is this to protect fox sports. Media review inquiry needs to look at what us going on. But with thus in mind what hope eleven and one getting onto foxtel – it us my recording device and incredibly annoying can’t record

  5. My only hope is he is innovative. TEN has always been a little different to the others. I hope he doesn’t try to be another 7 or 9. There are signs of this (Breakfast) already. Not smart, just downright lazy Lachlan.

  6. Secret Squïrrel

    @steve sydney – Lachlan means that he is claiming that the Ten Network (not just ch 10) will get 30% of the total revenue (mostly from advertising and sponsors). Since ABC don’t have ads and SBS are So Bloody Small, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility, but I think that 25% would be more realistic.

  7. Lachlan Murdoch is Delusional.

    He will be gone soon, and so will TEN by the looks of things.

    Nothing worse then people who have lost touch with reality & the world driving our TV Networks. They think they know, yet their so disconnected.

  8. Since Lachlan axed the AFL channel 10 will struggle big time on Saturday arvo & Saturday Nights. Maybe they could screen that movie “The Devil Wears Prada” again as it’s been on 3 times this year.

  9. Forgive me for not being able to read properly but is he saying revenue as in income with up 30% next year?

    “We will certainly achieve over 30% revenue share next year,”

    Or does he TEN as a network will get 30% of viewers?? At the moment only Seven can do that and they’re still about 10% ahead of everyone else…

  10. Mr Murdoch, I’m no business man but I suggest you start with some moral decisions and the business will do better. You are showing contempt for many viewers with many of your decisions thus far. How about changing One back to sport only. Give us live NBL and stop chopping and changing your schedule. No matter what awesome programming you may think you are offering, it will never rate as well as it would on ch7. Start giving something back to the viewer and you may eventually have a decent network.

  11. I just hope Ten isn’t another One.Tel. As I want it to exist. But I’m not seeing how it will if they keep getting rid of good shows eg. Ten Late News. Especially if it’s for stupid shows i.e. Breakfast or whatever they’ll call it. They had a point of difference with the other commercial networks now they be the same but I suspect they’ll be number 3 or 4 as maybe even the ABC might beat them. If that happens what a proud day [/sarcasm] . How long will that be sustainable?

    BTW I love the ABC and want it to do well plus if I’m awake I sometimes watch their Breakfast News but at least they have funding and don’t have to make a profit.

  12. As an interim ceo he can say what the hell he wants as he probably will not be around to be held accountable. This bloke is somehwat delusional and detached from reality. Brekkie tv will just dilute the numbers and as a result the advertising revenue…….durr….

    Still in the ‘new tv order’ with no numbers published anything can be claimed as success without factual figures to compare.

  13. We have to see what Nine offers to see if Murdoch is right but its likely Ten will be better but still third. Ten might beat Nine in Adelaide and Perth but they no longer have AFL and will struggle without it. Ten cannot beat Nine in Sydney and Brisbane.

    Ten has been worse of since The Renovators. Merlin, Modern Family, Recruits, Rules of Engagement all lower then what they replaced. This is going by the last few weeks of The Renovators. Lachie must be looking in the wrong places. Maybe mixed up with Masterchef coming on in May where the ratings went up.

  14. @Russell
    Not a chance. Nine has got some big shows (Voice and BB, anyone?) coming next year which will definately blow TEN out of the water demographically. I hope.

  15. Lachlan says:

    “From 7pm, which is after the news hour, we out-perform Nine across every single demographic”

    As the interview is focused on Ten and Ten only, I presume he is talking about Ten V Nine, and not Ten/One/Eleven V Nine/Gem/Go

    I wonder if he is right? David – any way to get ratings info for 7pm-Midnight for Ten and Nine in 18-49, 25-54 and 16-39?

    He could well be right.

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