Meat Loaf all revved up with no tunes to go

Meat Loaf manages to put on an overpaid, bloated and tuneless performance at the AFL Grand Final.

US singer Meat Loaf worked himself up into a frenzied performance at the AFL Grand Final and managed to miss all the notes in the process.

His medley of songs including Bat out of Hell, You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth, Anything for Love and All Revved Up with No Place to Go was an excruciating exercise in stadium entertainment that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Singing flat, behind the bar, screaming and chewing gum, the US singer couldn’t match the glory days of his famous hits.

His classic Jim Steinman songs had always brought great drama, and many would be favourites amongst the broad AFL audience, but the only drama arising from this cacophony was the amount of money that the AFL had paid and whether Meat Loaf would make it to the end of the medley in one piece.

Although he managed to get the ‘G’ singing acapella at one point, it was clear this was a performance carried by his band and backing vocalists.

After his brief show had ended, it immediately lit up Twitter with scathing comments.

The AFL Grand Final has had its share of notorious entertainment performances in the past -but this one could top them all.

Hopefully the NRL Grand Final will show the AFL how it’s done tomorrow.


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  1. Predicable from the moment they chose Meatloaf and Vanessa Amorosi. They are doing their best which sadly isn’t good enough for this sort of stage or for anyone who is a one-eyed fan of the performers.

    So has anyone asked the AFL what they thought of the performances? Maybe the AFL should stick to footy (just with an entree of Mike Brady and a someone who can sing the national anthem respectfully). The entertainment has turned from sideshow to farce 😉

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