Monday battle sizzles Junior MasterChef

Junior MasterChef was once again caught in the crossfire between The X Factor and The Big Bang Theory.

Junior MasterChef was once again caught in the crossfire of a Monday night battle between The X Factor and The Big Bang Theory.

Nine’s sitcom topped the night with 1.52m viewers for its first episode and with 1.12m for the second, not to be confused with 986,000 for its repeat. But in data issues today there are no figures available for The Mentalist, meaning the next figures available were for CSI: Miami’s first (599,000) and second episodes (421,000).

The X Factor averaged 1.37m viewers across its nearly two hour broadcast, a slight increase on last week. It was a night when the judges were so complimentary to the acts that even Mel B. was confused. Nat Bass appeared to clarify things when she begrudgingly said of Reece Mastin “We have to say something negative don’t we?”

Body Of Proof did well with 995,000 viewers and Dual Suspects was 401,000. Earlier in the night Home and Away won its slot with 1.11m.

Junior Masterchef was TEN’s best with 741,000 viewers, but it dropped from last Monday. It was followed by Undercover Boss Australia (531,000), Law And Order: SVU (377,000) and Good News World Late now down to 163,000. It’s time to make the call on the latter…

ABC1 beat TEN’s primary channel for the night, with ABC News (942,000), followed by Australian Story (784,000), 7.30 (720,000), Four Corners and Media Watch both on 635,000, and Q & A (533,000).

Best for SBS was Swift And Shift Couriers (259,000) but it was lower than Neighbours (318,000) and Heartbeat (315,000) pulled on multichannels.

Seven won Monday.

Week 43

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  1. Shine is still the premier Television production company Australia. No other company comes close – and their track record says it all. Nothing but quality productions since day one…brilliant!

  2. @ JB I totally agree with you, Masterchef is dead! After the debacle of the season just past, I am well and truly over it. Everything about this show annoys me now, funny because i used to love it.

    I am not watching Jnr Masterchef and there is no way i will be watching Masterchef next year. I am angry i watched this year but i got suckered in before it started to annoy me.

  3. Ten’s Monday night is terrible.
    And Junior Masterchef….i think Ten has really killed the brand. If anyone feels the same like i do, i don’t even think the original Masterchef will do that well next year. After the last season, i’m over it altogether.

  4. “Won’t somebody please think of the children”
    They must be feeling a bit worried over us not tuning in. I watch some of it on the website. I don’t and can’t really get into it, whereby it has to viewed on TV and ratings must go up! I’m a chef and this isn’t really learning. They dropped the JMC Masterclass. That might have been something for them to use, to teach those kids how to cook like a pro or thereabout. Oh well, I know as a pro chef, who i’d use to work for me one day. Good luck kids, even through it’s like nobody is watching you.

    PS. Those JMC Judges might want to be less OTT. I mean when they judge its like “wow that’s so crunchy yummy those herbs”, hands on cheeks smiling and blushing! And all when it’s only a sub standard dish.

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