New Nine drama from Screentime

As tipped by TV Tonight in May, Nine is developing another new drama series with Screentime, producers of Underbelly, Crownies and Cloudstreet.

The 13 part drama series centres around debt collectors to be filmed in Sydney and Wollongong. It will be interesting to see how they can make these sympathetic characters.

Nine’s drama slate for 2012 is already taking shape with Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket and Sundowner.

It has also finished shooting on Beaconsfield.

Ironically the subject of the new series comes at a time when rumblings about the company’s own $3.6 billion debt continue to grow louder. Nine has until February 2013 to refinance $2.6bn.

Source: Sunday Telegraph, The Australian


  1. It’s pretty amusing to read the comments here – when Nine announced Rescue and Cops LAC everyone was complaining about another cop/rescue show.

    And now when Nine do something remotely different people are ridiculing the idea anyway. Damned if they do damned if they don’t.

    It doesn’t matter what the premis is – as long as its executed well. Hopefully this will be executed well because it sounds like it could actually be good.

  2. Timing really is everything. Just when you thought they couldn’t make an even worse decision……they do. Seriously – what a ridiculous idea for a drama series when the global financial situation is so precarious and viewers want to turn to FTA for relaxation and entertainment. Maybe they need to re-think the idea of not having a Head of Drama who might explain some of this to the programmers. Or, the programmers need to take responsibility when it fails. People are struggling under their burdens of debt – even if it’s the mortgage, and don’t want to be reminded at 830! It’s time the debt collectors moved on Nine and sent them into receivership.

  3. Screentime keep heading further and further down this same strange track. Lawyers defending doctors charged with malpractice as heroes (MDA), criminals as heroes (Underbelly) crown prosecutors as heroes and now debt collectors? The audience must surely draw the line sooner or later.

  4. Let me guess…. Debt collectors are people too, even though i’ve just kicked a family on to the streets, i feel conflicted now…. Yada, yada , yada. Blah, blah, blah.

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