Nine freezes out competition on Sunday

Nine's line-up of Frozen Planet, 60 Minutes, Underbelly and Person of Interest dominated to competition on Sunday.

Seven News (1.26m) may have beaten Nine News (1.00m) but from 6:30pm the night went Nine’s way.

Frozen Planet (1.23m) won its timeslot over Sunday Night (1.12m) and Merlin (622,000). ABC News was 824,000.

60 Minutes (1.37m) was the top show for the night, beating Wild Boys (899,000), Junior MasterChef (762,000). Figures for Wide Open Road (647,000) are unlikely to include its late time change as there are no numbers for the 7:30 special. The Race to Bury King Tut on SBS was 236,000, its best for the night.

Underbelly: Razor was 1.3m, ahead of Bones (907,000), The #1 Ladies Detective Agency (preliminary figure of 702,000), and Mobbed (401,000).

Person of Interest also won on 650,000 over Castle (626,000) and Ringer (312,000).

Royal Pains returned with 280,000.

The Big Bang Theory on GO! was tops on multichannels with 326,000 followed by FIA Formula One on 276,000.

Nine won with 33.5% over Seven’s 27.7%, TEN’s 19.6%, ABC’s 15.0% and SBS 4.2%.

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  1. @Koverstreet I think that all the fanboys need to lay off it a bit. Tmorgan just happens to be one of the more prolific offenders. It’s obvious to regular readers who the others are.

    And then you get people like @Grant that don’t even try to hide their allegiances. These immature comments are annoying and surely not in the spirit of David’s otherwise awesome blog!

  2. @Jake how can you compare Underbelly to a porno, that’s just stupid. Pornos are far better quality and have better acting.

    Deserves Seven right for just putting on repeats. Feel sorry for people waiting until Feb for Castle to start.

    So have Seven renewed Wild Boys for a 2nd season, doesn’t really deserve it. I gave up on it before the 1st ep, but watch the 1st ep anyway and as expected was pretty lame. Was so excited by the original pitch. Then they signed Daniel Macpherson who can’t act, gave it a 7.30 timeslot which meant is was going to be family fluff, and my interest went pretty quickly.

  3. @ joely – puleeeease gimme a break. I don’t usually bother with this,but camo is right this site is full of either pro 9/7/10 posters,mostly pro 7 posters I might add but I don’t see you saying anything about those… All tmorgan said was they have an ok line up which is true. Frozen Planet is brilliant. As is Person Of Interest. Unless you’re going to pull up all the pro 7 comments might be best to not say anything otherwise you’ll come across as hypocritical. No one here is on any networks “payroll” ,we just have certain networks we like,which is natural.

  4. I see the F1 numbers now, thought they would have been better given the 6:30 start, guess if the title was still up from grabs and Webber was in with a shot more might have tuned in…

    Also just checked/edited the recording of Frozen Planet and Nine (or someone) did make cuts. The UK version is about 59 min long, cut the last 10 which is a mini behind the scenes for the ep, so 49 min. Even so what aired on Nine was just 43 minutes long. Plus the 2 minute promo about the series they had at the start. Don’t get me started as to the need for showing a promo for a show right before the show starts!

    This must be a special ‘international’ version but I think I’ll wait for the DVD/BD or BBC Knowledge to get the rest of the series in HD and uncut without ads, just how David Attenborough intended it!

  5. I don’t know what the hell Ch10 were thinking by dropping Terra Nova for a week for some fluff but then I don’t don’t know who’s been steering Ch10 for most of this year. Very poor programming.

  6. No surprise Frozen Planet did well, I just wonder Nine showing them twice a week and we might see the numbers tumble quickly as people try and keep up.

    Mostly watched the F1 last night, do we have numbers for that on ONE then TEN?

    I think TEN might stick with Terra Nova and Ringer over the last few ratings weeks but Ringer might not be back come the new year. IMO it will be on Ch11 in 2012.

  7. @TVluva are you kidding?? yes you are kidding right…..??? thought so….
    i mean take a look at this once fantastic tv blog website… (its only a great one now – sorry David – not because of anything you have done) in the old days before it became mainstream there was none of the pro 9 and pro 7 contributors on here….now sadly you have to wonder through all the garbage that people carry on about on here…pro 9 pro 7 anit anything aussie TV…i cant keep score…poor David to have to moderate it all…

  8. Don’t like the figures for Ringer. I love this show currently, but is is not right for 9:30pm (9.38pm) on a Sunday night. It would work better at that time on a Mon/Tues/Wed when people have the time to watch it. Plus, it is best suited to ELEVEN (as with most of The CW shows). I think it wont be long until it moves there, I expect when it is rested over summer, it will be back on ELEVEN.
    It would be well paired with White Collar, both being police/drama/mystery with a lot of main character backstory and both set in awesome New York.

  9. I can’t understand why Junior MC isn’t rating better – and rubbish like Celebrity Apprentice is doing gangbusters.

    I think the management at Ten have just given up and are waiting for the eventual sale of the network at a bargain basement price.

  10. I really enjoyed frozen planet didn’t need no crappy pop promo to entice me to watch the documentary all of these nature doco series are very well produced, interesting and some truely stunning scenery

  11. Very good win for Nine, 60 Minutes has certainly made a comeback for them. The only show I watched last night was Sunday Night, which was pretty good. The Antarctica story was fantastic, the footage was stunning. I’m another who thinks Wild Boys won’t be on on Sunday nights if it goes to a second series, it’s too competitive a night.

  12. Wild Boys won’t be on Sundays next year if there’s a second series…

    I think it shows now that Shine need to take really good care of the MC brand going next year.. Good that Ringer isn’t slipping too much, like others have said it’s brilliant!

    Mobbed wasn’t that bad either.. very corny but still it gave me the giggles

  13. I really think that fast-tracking has serious drawbacks.
    While it does mean that viewers don’t have to wait long after the US sees a show, we have to remember when new episodes are on, and when ‘specials’ like Mobbed are filling in.
    It means that a new show like Terra Nova can find it hard to gain traction when it has a week off so early on.
    But even shows like Glee (and I’m sure there’s others) suffer when there are gaps in new episodes.
    That’s why I’m not too concerned with Seven holding off on How I Met Your Mother, because they can start showing them next year and not need to stop part way through a season.

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