Once Upon a Time episode online

ABC (US) has offered the first episode entirely free and legally online -ahead of its Seven premiere.

It’s set to air on Seven next year, but you can already watch the first episode of Once Upon a Time entirely free and legally online.

ABC (US) has offered the first episode of its new US fantasy online ahead of its television premiere.

The series features an Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) casting a spell upon a classic fairy-tale. They live in Storybrooke, Maine, but don’t know their own true identities.

Executive-produced by Lost‘s Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, it also stars Jennifer Morrison, Robert Carlyle and Ginnifer Goodwin with Alan Dale in a recurring role.

The full episode is available at IMDb.

You can watch it here.

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  1. I live in Storybrooke :). Actually the town is Steveston part of Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, Canada. It is funny seeing them change my hometown of Steveston into Storybrook for the filming of this series.

  2. Just watched the pilot, the show looks fantastic,this show deserves to be a hit. It’s just a shame Seven doesn’t feel the need to fast track this one. And with an already full program schedule I’m having a hard time thinking where it could go without upsetting some viewers.

  3. @MuchTB
    I think that’s the problem. Grimm is going to be just another Buffy or Angel with fairy tale twist instead of supernatural. It’s confirmed by the look of those trailers I saw. Nothing special really.

  4. I’m more interested in NBC’s Grimm than this show. Mostly because this one seems more female-skewed whereas Grimm has writers from Buffy and Angel.

    Both premiere next week in the States

  5. I quite enjoyed that, surprisingly. American accents in ye olden times a bit annoying, otherwise it looks promising. Pity it’s going to a commercial network instead of straight to Foxtel.

  6. I loved it. I have been waiting for this one and it started off a bit slow but its the best pilot i have seen for new drama’s. Obviously this year the comedies are better than the dramas but this to me is the best one so far. Looks promising

  7. I couldn’t get it to play (but it can be found else where) I premiers in the US tomorrow. So I guess Seven won’t be fast tracking this one… It would be interesting to have a fast tracking up date. See which shows and channels are fast tracking the best, I’m betting Seven is 3rd behind Nine & TEN.

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