Oops. ABC4 Kids: Born into Brothels

Hopefully there weren’t too many kids wanting to watch the 2004 documentary Born Into Brothels on Sunday night.

It’s an excellent doco and even won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

But it’s not for li’l tackers.

The EPG data for ABC2 labels the channel as “ABC2 /4 Kids” which is a tad confusing, as it doesn’t discern the time of day that children’s content ends.

It’s really more about branding than the channel name, which is still ABC2.┬áIt’s a little quirk of your EPG.

4 Kids in case you were wondering is ‘ABC 4 Kids’, content for preschool kids below those targeted on the dedicated children’s channel ABC3.

The content plays on ABC2 during the day before adult programming kicks in at 7pm.

So for the record 4 Kids isn’t showing Outnumbered, Breaking Bad and Psychoville tonight. But ABC2 is.


  1. Jason S, ABC3 is for teens and ABC2 is for pre-schoolers. Personally I think they could show pre-school stuff in the mornings on ABC3 and teen stuff after 3pm

  2. I too saw this on Sunday night and did wonder!

    I really question the amount of kid’s programing on the ABC channels. I am aware that they are required to provide a certain amount of hours of children’s programing and think quality programing for kids is important but really, most days all there is on ABC1, ABC2/4 and (of course) ABC3 are kid’s shows. I think this is overkill. Couldn’t there be one channel (say ABC2) dedicated to, say, documentaries and keep ABC3 for the kids, thus avoiding this labeling issue? Not all of us have/are kids or have pay tv……..

  3. Agree with Edward, I remember back in the UK that BBC 3 and 4 switch on at 7pm taking the bandwidth of the childrens channels, but are on different channel numbers (with the children channels showing a static image after 7pm). Surely that is technically possible here and would save a lot of confusion.

  4. I have always thought that they should do what’s done in the UK with BBC3 & 4. The bandwidth is shifted so the the kids channels (CBBC & Cbeebies) are on different channel numbers and show a static image when 3 & 4 are fully functioning. Far better branding for the channels.

  5. Now the channel has been re-labelled back to “ABC2 / ABC4″.
    Why don’t they just save the confusion and label it just ” ABC2 ” ?

    The day programming can then just be called ‘ABC2 for Kids’.
    There’s no need for the “4 Kids” or “ABC4” ridiculous labelling.

  6. I dont like this 4Kids in the EPG names. It’s unneccessary, plus it makes the channel name longer, so on my PVR the name continuously scrolls on the front display.

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