Packed to the Rafters ‘cliffhanger’

Seven’s move on a Rafters finale next week was reportedly chosen because Episode 15 gave the show a cliffhanger.

Otherwise the show would have ended on Episode 19 in ratings season with no cliffhanger.

It is expected to be replaced by retrospective specials of Australia’s Got Talent.

But Seven is planning to return the show in February with a pile of Rafters up its sleeve.

Here’s the synopsis for that ‘cliffhanger finale.’

This week on Packed to the Rafters, Nathan finds out that sometimes taking a risk can lead to big rewards, while Ben finds that when rolling the dice doesn’t pay off, the consequences can be devastating.

Ben initiates a night on the town with the boys and everyone is impressed by the upmarket city nightclub he takes them to. But when they get the full VIP treatment, including all drinks on the house, Nathan presses Ben for information on who is paying for their night out – and why? When Ben reveals that Tom has put him in touch with Chris (guest star STEVE ANDERTON) a nightclub owner who is courting Ben as a potential investor in his next business venture, alarm bells immediately sound for Nathan – can Ben really trust Tom to take care of his best interests?

At the club Nathan realises how rusty he is at chatting to women – he can‟t read their signals and he‟s scared of taking risks. Prompted by his mates‟ teasing, Nathan forces himself to take a chance, and he ends up having an intimate encounter in a broom closet with the attractive club hostess, Courtney (guest star ALEXANDRA PARK). He feels better for having taken the risk, but when it comes to backing Ben‟s venture, he‟s strangely more conservative.

Meanwhile Carbo and Retta, inspired by Nathan‟s encounter, reassess their own sex life. While they‟re more than satisfied now, they‟re both keen to make sure things don‟t get stale in that department, and they promise to always surprise each other. So a return to the club prompts them to take their own public risks, with comic results.

8:30pm Tuesday on Seven.


  1. Im the biggest rafters fan , and i was really diappointed to here about this but least next year we will have heaps of rafters to watch ep16-22 of season 4 and then 22eps of season 5 !! cant wait !! Part 2 DVD will have the remaining 11 eps in it which is due to come out when season 4 is finished airing mid next year i guess !!

  2. @ Peter H – Olympics aren’t on seven next year. They’re on Nine but if you are meaning the ratings for London Olympics other channels will probably be down.

  3. Moanique in Brisbane

    @ unpacktheRafters, I have never cried, or laughed during a Meadowlea ad, so no, I don’t think Rafters is anything like a Meadowlea commercial

  4. another reason why I hate Channel 7.
    So 2012 is gonna have Season 4 continued And Season 5? I can only assuming in between seasons they will do Season 2 of W&L? ._.

  5. If someone knew how to program a network schedule the 22 eps would have finished in the ratings period. But due to copious AGT eps and W&L this wasn’t the case. If CH7 cared they would have brought PTTR back sooner and moved W&L to 9:30 while they finished off that series and kept loyal PTTR fans happy. Viewers will have to deal with it and make the choice when these shows return…

  6. it could be just seven planning their schedule for next year. feb next year they could be planning to air a few rafters episodes to finish of the season (instead of ending it midseason like this year). then start the new season of w&l until the olympics. After the olympics end they can premier the real new season of rafters

  7. This is exactly the same thing ITV did to their No. 1 drama “Heartbeat” in the UK. Messed around with scheduling so much so that ratings fell and they had an excuse to “suspend” production ie cancel the show.
    The final series of that was stretched out across 3 years and their excuse was that they had stockpiled too many episodes and didn’t want to film any more before they aired them.
    Now I just wonder if the exact same thing will happen to “Rafters”. Perhaps they’ve been taking lessons from the Brits? We should call them ITV7!

  8. Here’s proof that this PTTR is slipping steadily. Storylines are weak and the writing has been quite banal this season. I say axe it now while ratings are still respectable….

  9. Still a bad move for Rafters fans who now have been jerked around twice this year and Seven have gawl to call next week the ‘season’ final when they all ready had one of those back in March.

    With the below average storyline this season I just wonder how many will return in 2012.

    Also I know it’s probably to early to ask but will this now be the season final? As they just launched the first half on DVD with 11 eps, surely they can’t have part 2 with the remaining 4.

    All of this would just be confusing to the average viewer, maybe we need a poll on the topic?

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