Packer miniseries a long way off

If Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket is any closer to going before the cameras then it’s news to actor Rob Carlton.

Carlton was widely acclaimed for his performance in ABC1’s Paper Giants and Nine announced a Packer-based miniseries within days of it airing, for its 2012 drama slate.

But Carlton tells TV Tonight that things are moving slowly on the project, with little clarity over what shape it will take with Nine and indeed whether he will appear in any sequel for the ABC.

“There’s a thousand things going on at the moment. There may be one which is World Series Cricket which they’re throwing around. There may be two. Paper Wars. There may be four or five,” he said.

“Southern Star are looking to produce again with Channel Nine, but Nine I don’t think have stuck their flag up the mast specifically yet with regards to how big the world is they want to create, or how small the world is they want to create. So there may be one, there may be two, there may be five.

“In the usual position of an actor we want all these things to come off, and we all want people to be available. But until everything is said and done then at the moment I think what we have is a positivity towards a project that may or may not occur in the future.”

Carlton, who is appearing in Family Movie Channel’s Conspiracy 365 and films for Working Dog and P.J. Hogan, is also busy with his own lucrative business is corporate events.

“I think there are a lot of heads hoping that a lot of things go right,” he says.

“But I think that’s TV.”

UPDATED: Southern Star source advises a 2 x 2hr miniseries was commissioned in April, to be written by Christopher Lee, expected in the second half of 2012.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    This just clearly shows the ineptitude that nine have. THey can not do anything right. THey lure the creators of paper giants and the writers and maybe the actors away from the abc which did a great job with the tv movie Paper Giants an then they hoard them, typical. I hope somebody snaps them up. Who ever does will need to get the world series cricket footage if they do, otherwise it will not be complete.

  2. Will Nine will finally appoint a new head of drama with the expertise to create a range of really decent material and get things happening with the support of Nine management including the programmer. Or is it going to be business as usual?

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