Rafters’ last hurrah tops Tuesday

After Nine’s strong showing on Monday night with Celebrity Apprentice and The Big Bang Theory, Seven hit back on Tuesday with its crowd pleasers The X Factor and Packed to the Rafters.

Packed to the Rafters was the night’s top show on 1.6m viewers, followed by The X Factor on 1.38m viewers.

Rafters bettered NCIS (1.03m*). Two and a Half Men was 964,000, Mike and Molly was 636,000. Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day did 424,000.

The X Factor sent home Mitchell Callaway after Johnny Ruffo survived another elimination. The show defeated The Big Bang Theory (914,000 / 1.05m), Modern Family (766,000 / 777,000) and 7:30 / Foreign Correspondent (622,000 / 527,000)

Celebrity Apprentice won its timeslot with 1.08m viewers over Home and Away (1.04m), ABC News (844,000), and The 7PM Project (600,000).

NCIS: Los Angeles again won at 9:30pm on 820,000 over Parenthood‘s 720,000 and Survivor: South Pacific (494,000).

United States of Tara was 311,000 and The Joy of Sets was 242,000.

On SBS Insight was 205,000 with World News Australia next on 196,000.

Neighbours topped multichannels with 320,000.

Seven won comfortably on 33.6% over Nine’s 25.2%, TEN’s 23.3%, ABC’s 12.5% and SBS 5.3%.

* corrected.


  1. Thank you TEN for bringing back new episodes of Modern Family! Best show on tv this week! However, it’s extremely confusing to pick the new episodes. Will it stay at 7.30 on Tuesdays?

  2. @tmorgan

    Last night was a brand new modern family. I am actually really disappointed it got what it did. This season is really good but TEN have basically killed this show with all the manouvering

  3. Throng website has
    NCIS at 1,029,000.. not 1.3 million
    Neighbours at 356,000… not 320,000

    How I long again for the day where this site is the only one I frequent for daily ratings..

  4. bettestreep2008

    The reason 7pmP rated so poorly last night was because it had that horrid Steve Price thing.

    I tuned in and as soon as he started to froth at the mouth I switched off and came back to watch the hilarious MF.

  5. The 7PM Project is continuing its downward slide, its ratings are collapsing.. it will get even worse when it expands to 1 hour.. Ten needs to realise there is far to much news on television. They would be better off keeping it at 30mins at 630pm and putting repeats of a sitcom at 7pm which would rate better and cost less money. Or howabout try a game show at 7pm.

  6. Go Joy of Sets!

    If it had been programmed in a consistant suitable timeslot who knows how much better then numbers would have been week to week.

    Wouldn’t hurt to advertise it either Nine!

  7. Watched first episode of Celebrity Apprentice on FIXplay last night and enjoyed it. Pauline Hanson in Aussie Bums was hilarious.
    Seven seem to be doing what Nine did with Stingers and CSI back in the mid-2000s by messing with some of their strongest shows. Ending Rafters (even if I hate the show) halfway through a season in October when you have only played 15 new episodes this year is absolute stupidity.
    That being said, there is absolutely No competition for Tuesday nights from both Nine or TEN. Nine because they can’t find any decent shows to put on and TEN because they are absolutely wrecking themselves with all this repeating of Modern Family. Seven will continue to dominate Tuesdays until Nine or TEN can ‘grow a pair’ and put some decent shows on. I’m thinking the Voice could premiere to Tuesday nights and do very well.

  8. 600k for the 7pm Project, thats the lowest rating it’s had in a long time! Especially for a Tuesday

    Doesn’t bode well for next week when it takes over the 6:30 slot

    I’m glad Mitchell got the boot on the X Factor, he always looked nervous/scared when he was performing

  9. Pretty funny that the repeat of Modern Family did better than the new episode!!! Shame channel ten didn’t advertise the fact that they were showing a new ep more!

  10. Good to see that NCIS, Two and a Half men, Mike and Molly, Tara and Joy of Sets go up from last week. Maybe they will increase next week without Rafters. Celebrity Aprentice doing well.

  11. Why wasn’t Mike & Molly on the WIN channel here on the Sunshine Coast last night, we got a 2nd 2.5 with Charlie.

    Good on Parenthood holding its own, hope it can keep up the ratings for the next month without the Rafters.

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