Report: Next to go…. Ron Wilson, Deborah Knight.

News presenter Ron Wilson will leave the TEN Network at the end of the year according to a media report today.

Wilson’s morning news bulletins will conclude at the end of the year with Breakfast set to fill the slot in 2012.

The Australian reports his contract will not be renewed.

A spokeswoman said on Friday: “Ron Wilson continues with the network.”

Sydney news presenter Deborah Knight read her last Sydney news bulletin on Friday, replaced from today with Sandra Sully after the axing of TEN Late News with Sports Tonight.

A spokeswoman for TEN said: “We are working with Deb Knight to identify the right project for her talents.”

Presumably those talents would be reading the News?

Melbourne presenter George Donikian recently resigned after undergoing several changes, with his final bulletin airing on Saturday. TEN’s new-look weekend bulletin began on air yesterday.

Sports Tonight presenter Brad McEwan is now presenting sports in the Sydney News.

Ron Wilson, who found himself in the middle of a controversy earlier this year over comments he made about the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, has been with TEN for thirty years.


  1. Honestly, does anyone in Ten management even look at the news, Ron Wilson is streets ahead of their latest double. I really hope another channel snaps him up. That will be the news I’ll be watching.

  2. I am truly sorry to see Deb Knight go..she is pretty near a perfect news reader and seems to be such a lovely lady. Sick of Sandra Sully..been around and around hasn’t she! Also miss Ron Wilson..

  3. Such a shame so many good news readers have gone
    Not the same since jess Rowe left
    Is Kim Watkins still on payrole?
    No idea TEN.
    Just drop news altogeather if its too hard
    There will be no one left at this rate except for cuty Mat Duran

  4. Uh… is there going to be anyone left at Ten news shortly, other than Tim Bailey and those non-events at the 7 pm project (Dave The Boring and Charles Pickering The Even More Boring and that poor girl who tries so hard to raise the standard)

  5. Nooooooo!! please dont let this be true, this man is a geinus at what he does, such a nice aussie fella. Boy if this is true ten are going down the drain, Seriously!

  6. I reckon Seven should revive the late news in 2012, given they are the top rating news service in Australia at the moment. Given they did it during the 2007/2008 AFL seasons, it should be a permanent fixture at least on Friday nights after the AFL game concludes.

  7. Maev....Sydney

    They should never have moved Ron Wilson from the evening news….he was and is an institution….like Brian Henderson was to Nine…..
    The Ten news has not been the same since…..
    I believe they just got snippy because he was reading mornings news for the Macquarie radio network….just my opinion….
    I say again to all the networks….people out here …your viiewers and the ones that consume your advertisers products….want consistency!!!!!!!!
    Ten is a lost cause to me now….cannot even bother with the Masterchef brand ….*sigh*

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