Returning: Blue Bloods

US cop drama Blue Bloods, featuring Tom Selleck, will return to ONE later this month.

The series, which really deserved a much better reception than it received, returns 9:30pm Monday October 31st.

“Hall Of Mirrors.”
When an undercover counter-terrorism agent is shot, Frank assigns Danny to the case because his son is the only officer he can trust given the victim’s involvement with infiltrating a sleeper cell.


  1. A message board user through the Ten website alerted us to this splendid news and now, of course, we are anxious to bookmark this site for our television viewing enhancement. The excitement of the return of ‘Blue Bloods’ is matched by learning of ‘TV Tonight’!
    Thank you Mr. Knox!

  2. I was expecting this show to air on Ten over summer, now it looks like they’ll have absolutely no new content to show.

    Get ready for three months of Modern Family, NCIS and SVU repeats

  3. Not Happy Sam

    Stopped watching this show as it was just too predictable and as such got very boring for me.
    Although I did like it at the start for a few episodes.

  4. This is terrific news! The show is amazing and I’m glad TEN have finally come to their senses (as well as it benefiting being shown in HD from now on). I will have to watch it on TEN’s catch-up site for a month till ONE launches in my area, but 4 episodes is better then none at all.

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