Returning: Drop Dead Diva

Season Three of Drop Dead Diva begins on GEM.

Season Three of Drop Dead Diva begins on GEM tonight.

It aired in the US in June.

“Hit and Run”
Following the car accident that left Grayson in a coma, Jane finds herself struggling with her desire to reveal herself as Deb when he wakes up, despite warnings from Fred. Jane reluctantly takes on a case involving a hard partying celebrity on the hook for a hit and run of a 12-year-old girl and enlists Stacy to help her.

7:30pm Friday on GEM

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  1. Great the show is back, crap that GEM can’t get the voice syncing right with any of their shows.

    Can’t watch it because of this. Will just wait for series 2 to, be picked up by TV1 in the future.

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