Returning: Merlin, Keeping Up With The Joneses

UK fantasy series Merlin returns to TEN next Sunday night for its fourth season.

UK fantasy series Merlin returns to TEN next Sunday night, in its traditional 6:30pm timeslot.

This will be the fourth season, airing in Australia around 2 weeks after its UK premiere.

Joining the cast will be Nathaniel Parker as Arthur’s uncle, Agravaine, and Gemma Jones as the Cailleach.

Meanwhile Keeping Up With The Joneses resumes at 8pm Thursday October 20th, following Recruits Paramedics.

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  1. Can’t wait for this. As each season of Merlin airs i love the show even more. Its good to see some common sense at Network Murdoch (Ten) at least they are keeping at a Sunday timeslot.

  2. not much notice of the airdate though, they better advertise heaps to make sure people know it is on, hopefully they’ll have it available on their website for people who don’t realise for a few weeks.

  3. Fantastic news about Merlin …. my favourite addiction after Doctor Who and both from the brilliant BBC Wales!

    Any news about fasttrack of Downton Abbey yet? They are up to Episode 2.3 now…

  4. Why did TEN hold off showing ‘Keeping Up With The Joneses’ for so long? After the eps that aired late last year I was sure they would bring it back early this year.

    Good to see Merlin is back. Sundays could be a good night for TEN with Merlin, Terra Nova and Ringer all fast tracked, to some degree.

  5. Terrific news that Merlin is being fastracked from the U.K. The show always performs well in that timeslot and TEN are actually thinking logically by fasttracking it. Not to mention that TEN sell the season as soon as the finale airs and they would be making a large profit off the ones brought off their website, so fasttracking is only speeding to the end where they can make money =p. Hopefully its another great season =D!

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