Returning: The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory begins in a week's time on Nine.

Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory begins in a week’s time on Nine.

A premiere episode will air at 7:30pm Monday October 10, followed by a repeat episode at 8pm.

In Nine’s guide the new episode is titled “The Shank Reflex Analysis” but as IMDb indicates it is actually called “The Skank Reflex Analysis.”

It aired in the US on September 22nd.

Penny worries that she’s screwed things up permanently with her friends after her night with Raj, while Sheldon takes command of the paintball team.

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  1. It’s good it’s coming back.I like this show.It was delayed thanks to that redneck Farmer want’s a wife garbage that finally comes to an end tonight.

    They should start showing the older ones in the absence of a quiz or game show of the Non Eddie Hosted Variety again at 7pm(almost 2012 and still showing American gap filler after A Current Affair shameful).Given a choice between The River Boy Thugs on Home and Away or these four geeks Give me the latter everytime

  2. guys, they don’t care about fasttracking. theyre only showing it because they desperately need new content in their scedule as well as ratings. we will most likely only get to see the first 5-6 episodes if we are lucky and then it will be taken off during the summer. get it elsewhere and save yourself the trouble.

  3. Assuming Nine don’t bump it a few times, “postpone” it, re-start it, bump it again, move it to GO, move it back to Nine, bump it…. And that’s all just in the afternoon of scheduled broadcast.

  4. Thanks David.

    Finally! why hasn’t this been starting last week?

    They will be 4 eps behind by the time it starts here as the the first week back they aired a double ep in the US. 2 separate eps, which I normally hate but they included the credits on both and were not put together as one so it worked.

    Is it just me or has Sheldon become more child like as the show has gone on?

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