Rugby World Cup final update

Next week's Rugby World Cup final in New Zealand will screen live on Nine and is simulcast in HD on GEM.

Next week’s Rugby World Cup final in New Zealand will screen live on Nine at 6:30pm AEDT Sunday October 23rd.

As with this weekend’s matches, the game will be simulcast on GEM in HD.

It’s extremely unusual for Nine to be airing the events on both channels, especially given that it declined to air the NRL Grand Final in HD because it wanted to offer viewers alternative viewing choices.

But complaints about scheduling information, a lack of HD and attention from Media Watch appear to have instigated a change of heart. Hopefully it also instigates some good ratings.

Wide World Of Sports the Ruggy World Cup final, live from Eden Park, Auckland. After nearly 50 games, involving 20 nations, it all comes down to this. Who will win be Rugby Union’s champion of champions for the next four years? Join George Gregan, Andrew Slack along with Ken Sutcliffe for all the action.

NB: 6:30 Syd / Mel, 5:30 Bris. Other cities to be confirmed.

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  1. @ Secret Squirrel
    What are You talking about, im talking Serious! he was Commentating Really Fast and Very Good!!! and i will say it again!!! He is the Best Commentator of All Time!!!!!

  2. @Dan – “Rugby isn’t that popular with the Wallabies…”
    Nearly 1.8 million people say you’re mistaken.

    @Eric – The trouble with that comment is that it’s way too subtle for Hadley – he will think that you’re serious! His commentary was an embarrassing joke, devoid of any meaningful information. I had to mute the sound. If that’s what NRL fans have to put up with each week, it’s no wonder they’re sad and angry and feel the need to try and put AFL down all the time.

  3. It is very unlikely we will see split ratings between Nine and GEM. Usually with simulcasts, NIne combines the two figures. Otherwise the performance of the show looks bad for the main channel. Shame really, as it would have been GEM’s most watched show ever.

  4. Its was a bit slack to cut straight to ‘A fish called Wanda’ as soon as the game finished instead of showing the post match interviews, I wonder if Australia had won we would have seen a them?
    I hope the nine programmers haven’t scheduled 2hrs of big bang theory next Sunday now that the wallabies are out of the final.

    anyone know the ratings change from the rcw to a fish called wanda? was it a drop?

  5. Man!!! Ray Hadley is the Best Commentator of All Time. I knew he was good but i didn’t know he was that Good!!! Man he Commentatored the Rugby World Cup between AUS – NZ heaps Quick,Exciting and Really Good!!!! Congratulations Ray Hadley!!!! His the Best!!! And also i remember he Commentatored the Delhi Commonwealth Games Swimming Heats and Finals on Foxtel Really Really Good!!! and i watched it every single day only because of Ray Hadley!!! And his 2GB Radio Show in the Mornings, i always listen to that Great Show!!!
    Goooooooo!!!!! You Legend Ray Hadley!!!!!

  6. @ James…a commentary team eh…. jeez that was the most feeble attempt at commentary ever, it was complete and utter pointless drivel. What we needed was intelligent, informed comment and clarification of decisions etc… what we got was garbage…..god help the Olympics

  7. David Knox, please dont forget when you are providing us with the ratings numbers tomorrow that you include the viewers from NZ, South Africa, England, Wales and every other country that participated.. Cheers

  8. They need to promote the fact that they are showing it in HD to make it worthwile (unless of course they are hoping it fails). This morning i saw an ad for the league and the penalty ball and there was no mention of it being in HD on GEM. They need to be promoting the fact that it is going to be on GEM in their ads on nine.

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