Rugby World Cup: Live in HD on GEM

Good news everybody…

The Rugby World Cup Semi-Finals between Australian v NZ and Wales v France will be broadcast Live and in HD on GEM this weekend.

Saturday October 15: Wales v France. Live.
Wide World Of Sports presents the 1st Semi-Final of the Rugby World Cup live from Eden Park, Auckland. Join George Gregan, Andrew Slack along with Ken Sutcliffe for all the action.

3:30pm Perth
5pm in Darwin
5:30pm Brisbane
6pm in Adelaide
6:30pm Sydney and Melbourne

Sunday October 16: Australia v NZ. Live.
3:30pm Perth
5pm in Darwin
5:30pm Brisbane
6pm in Adelaide
6:30pm Sydney and Melbourne

I’m also pleased to advise Nine sent an Amendment with the info, following on-going problems with scheduling advice and Media Watch criticising its coverage earlier this week.


  1. About bloody time Nine, but all too late and just a little on the wrong side of pissweak – Ray Hadley calling the game (dear God no!); Ken Sutcliffe hosting (cringe); and I guess an advert at every pause in play (?).

    Hate having to pay for it (there’s a joke in there somewhere), but FOX has done a truly excellent job throughout the entire tournament (and I’m no great fan of FOX either). Likable, informed and believable commentary team; tight production values; reliably on-schedule; plus everything I want to see as a Rugby (Union) tragic. The whole thing on FOX to date has been Pro.

    You’ve won my goodwill FOX, and that’s the key.

  2. – Has TEN still got the Rugby Spring Tour Live and Exclusive
    – Will the Nine Network Broadcast Live Rugby into Perth Markets
    -I hope that the Nine Network don’t get Formula One and MotoGP

  3. As many have said: I’ll believe it when I see it.

    GEM has shown 99.9% of its shows in upscaled HD, not the real thing.
    Unless the show is called “Today” and runs between 6am-9am, it’s not HD.
    And the only reason that “Today” is in HD is that it’s on Nine at the same time.

  4. Armchair Analyst

    Cant wait for more sport in HD, however i dont think anymore will be shown in HD on GEM. Networks just dont yet see the value in HD, hopefuly when the analogue signal gets switched off then we might get some sport in HD regularly. As soon as i read last year that Nine had bought the rugby and that Ten was shafted i knew that the mis treatment of Rugby would happen. Although knowing what i know now about Ten i hardly think that they would do it any better, sad isnt it?

  5. Formula One and MotoGP Fan

    Is there any chance that GEM is going to Broadcast the Four Nations Tournament in November and LIVE and Exclusive to Nationwide

  6. I really hope the other networks can get the NRL but not the Nine because they always Delay it in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide while if Network Ten can get it will be Live on their digital Channels as well as the main one

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