Rumour: ABC’s new word game show

Could a new word-based game show be Andrew Denton's opportunity to return to television presenting?

Just who will host the new “word-based” show that Zapruder’s Other Films is developing for ABC1?

And could it be Andrew Denton’s opportunity to return to television? Maybe not.

There’s no doubt the audience would dearly love to have him back on the box, but it’s likely to take a lot more to lure Denton before the cameras again, especially when he is so busy producing pet projects.

Other comedians are said to have been tested for the role, which TV Tonight hears is being likened to Qi: smart, a bit nerdy, and tongue-in-cheek.

Could it also be the perfect replacement for Spicks and Specks in 2012?

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  1. @David

    I thought this site was all about allowing open discussion without personal flames? Or is it a case of when it suits?


    I’m not about to go through my resume but you saying “Maybe we should leave the commentary to David Knox and other professionals” says a lot about your level of confidence and experience (little and little to none). Anyways I didn’t insult anyone’s mother or anything so don’t take it so personally, or did you work as a runner on AFP?

    This is a website to discuss television so how about you get off whatever stick you sat on and allow that to happen. Just saying.

  2. @Billybob: what experience do you have in TV production? what knowledge do you have in what makes something a commercial success or failure?

    I’m just wondering because you talk about success and failure like you are the Head of Acquisitions for a broadcaster. But I’m thinking your more just a fan of TV who likes to talk the talk. Am I right?

    Maybe we should leave the commentary to David Knox and other professionals. Just saying.

  3. @Rick.

    I know the spin on it was that it was a success but Can of Worms could only be described as doing “OK”, maybe a success by TEN’s standards. Joy of Sets is a failure. And AFP had over two years of work on it and two series in the can but it didn’t even finish its first series before they took it off air. Did you see it? It was one of the most poorly put together shows of the year. So badly produced, written and edited. I know some people really liked Hungry Beast but not enough to keep it going. Gruen is the only thing they have going that is successful.

  4. Einstein Factor had a lot wrong with it. It may only be down to one director at the ABC, but so many elements were done in a “second-best” way: The camera angles were confusing, the questions were clipped by the countdown clock, and missing score displays. To top it off, the tension in the final round was broken, often to inform us that the front-runner could not be overtaken.

    So, no: Einstein Factor was dumb. (Peter Berner was great, of course).

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