Rush …. “axed” via DVD

The telltale signs are all ominous for the future of Rush.

While TEN hasn’t made any statements about the show’s future it seems a DVD distributor has gone and done it for them anyway.

JB HiFi is currently taking pre-orders for the DVD of “the fourth and final series of Australia’s favourite cop show.”

Despite its critical acclaim this season has been rumoured to be the last. Just three more episodes remain.

At $40 the disk is available from December 15.

Would make a good Christmas present -unless you’re one of the cast and crew.

UPDATE: Southern Star advises the show was ordered for a fourth season pf 13 eps by TEN but a fifth season was never under consideration due to loss of Tax Rebate. DVD Artwork was locked in months ago.


  1. this really was an awesome show – i lived in the UK for a while and really enjoyed the characters in “The Bill” – then the uk tv heads axed it – can’t believe the same thing has happened to Rush – I thought the characters and actors were really great. such a shame. surely it could have sold well overseas with the right marketing and helped the budget????

  2. I just found out that Rush is not returning for Series 5 – what is wrong with the tv heads of this country. Why are they not supporting great local talent like the creators, writers and cast of this show . THis show is fantastic and gripping unlike most crap on tv. No doubt it will be replaced by some trivial reality show or yet another rerun or a law and order!!

    Pathetic decision.

  3. Way to go ten. Gutless then deny it.

    Funny how before the tax rebate shows lasted 8 seasons. Channels are now greedy. Be a wonder if any actors want to be in shows knowing they wont last.

    PTTR isn’t rating well now, on then off don’t even finish the season properly im over that show.

    At least digital has many options now not just 4 channels to watch

  4. @Emma – I know what I saw and that’s exactly what happened. It was the episode where two or three young crims hold a pub hostage and it all goes wrong. It was well enough directed, but woefully cheap sh*t looking and stiffly acted.

  5. Doesnt TEN have drama quote points, it no where near making? can it afford to be axing any drama? or has it been announced that Neighbours on ELEVEN now counts?

  6. Rush was great. I am a genuine TV watcher who is obsessed with the show. My whole family is, an many of our friends.

    To whoever said ‘If Rush was on 7 it would rate’. Thats actually true.

  7. @joni

    I do not know what plant you are on, but If you have actually ever watched Rush you would know that No criminal has barged past a barrier of cops with a live fire extinguisher making the cops scared. Get your facts straight!

  8. There are no trolls here, the figures speak for themselves and Australia has spoken. If it was so good people would have watched but they never did, not when it began, not now. It’s just a few deluded fans who think this was “Australian drama at its best”.

  9. @Ellaboo – I watched two. And the second one was the one that nearly killed me… in which, as I recall, a sole crim charged a huge cordon of cops armed with – wait for it – a live fire extinguisher… and the cops looked terrified. Top Aussie drama at its best.

    I don’t believe any actual genuine TV viewer loved this show, or will miss it.

  10. Sad day for Australian drama. For all the trolls making silly comments, I wonder how many episodes of the show you actually watched? For me it’s been a steadily improving drama with great writing, acting and directing. Here’s hoping the cast and crew are quickly picked up on new productions.

  11. So Southern Star have pretty much confirmed that the show won’t be returning and that a fifth season was never in consideration, yet Ten continue to say they haven’t made a final decision?! Why are they treating their viewers like idiots? Just do us all a favour and confirm what we already know, that way we can watch the last three episodes knowing they are the final three episodes. I’m very sad to see this show go. It’s a shame that it was only brought back for 13 episodes, this season has had so many story lines it would have been nice to them play out over more episodes. And as much as I’ve loved this season I think that if it hadn’t been so serialised then the ratings would have been better.

  12. The 20% Producer Offset cuts out at 65 episodes. A 20% gap in the production budget will be enough to stop most series – unless they are still rating really well – such as PTTR. Perhaps 65 episodes of any one series is enough?

  13. Thank God this pile of turd has finally left our screens. Australia’s worst ever drama perhaps? Close to it but certainly has been one of the lowest rating ones. Actually only ever been beaten by neigh-bores in that category.

  14. So this brings up the question of tens local quota for 2012. Surely they will have to make another drama to replace rush or move Neighbours to the main channel. If what ten is doing is enough surely there are issues with the system. They have more titles next year but they are all small projects.

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