Seven relents on Kyle & Jackie O special

Seven has now confirmed its one-off special that sees Kyle and Jackie O bringing their radio partnership to television once again, this time in A Night with the Stars.

There have long been rumours that Sandilands wanted a primetime chat show.

Clearly testing the waters (and appeasing the desires of a talent show judge during contract negotiation?), this special will air “later this year.” Which is probably a euphemism for “once the ratings have finished.”

Their last on-screen series together was the final season of Big Brother.

Points to the publicist who wrote this one:

Top-rating radio partners Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O will bring their unique, fun and often controversial style to prime time, in the new chat-variety special Kyle and Jackie O’s A Night with the Stars.

To air later this year, A Night with the Stars will see Kyle and Jackie doing what they do best – memorable and outrageous celebrity interviews.

On their weekday Southern Cross Austereo radio show, Kyle and Jackie chat to the biggest names from the world of entertainment – and A Night with the Stars will continue that tradition. Guests will share their intimate, humorous and often different points of view with Kyle and Jackie.

To be filmed in Los Angeles, A Night with the Stars will air soon on Seven.


  1. Whats with people who works on radio stations to do stupidity ways of tv host ? Look at the other w*nkers the 2 tall idiots who goes to new york and does silly stunts.. and all they do is they wanna be the american version of rediculour stunts.. And both they work on the radio.. And now we have this 2 pairs comming from the radio too.

    This pairs and the other w*nkers who did the temporary stunt shows on channel 9 are just as bad as you could imagine. I can simply see this low ratings all the way down to the drain-pipe.

    Seriously.. Theres so many New young fresh people who allways try so hard to get into TV shows and be a new TV Host by all means. There are good tallent new people who wants to be a news reporter.. a tv show of any kind.. reality programes… documentries voice background and so on.

    But obviously we are stuck with these 2 clumpsy pairs… And even though theres been alot of bad taste about them but still tv networks still wants them back considering they didnt want them back in the first place ? Just so plain stupid.

    Its not fair for New host or new trainners who wants to work in tv studioss and be a new host presenter male and or female…. Kyle & Jackie O did the shares enough they been on channel ten.. big brother host.. then the australian idol.. then this and that and then channel 7 and such and so on.. Seriously its not good and not fair for the same host(s) to go one place to the next programe and take over it… Even too they have radio programe to deal with….

  2. I do like Kyle but LA,no thanks. We need more Aussie TV and Aussie guests. Hollywood is so boring now. How refreshing was Q & A in Darwin this week. Do something different Kyle, do a show in Dubbo or Moe. Take the stars around a Aussie country town and meet the people. Better still go Outback. Real people not Hollywood bimbos and empty heads.

  3. What was the name the Daily Tele christened this pair during the teen rape scandal radio stunt – ‘Vile and Tacky Ho’, wasn’t it? Fitted them then, fits them now. More garbage from Seven, and disguised as entertainment. I really would rather stir fry up my own vomit than watch this.

  4. Savvy, I don’t know anyone who has taken part in a radio survey. However, I know of at least 50 close friends who hate Vile and Tacky. And they are just the ones I’ve asked, I’m sure there is more. The only people I know who like them are the 13 year olds I teach. I too will be joining the gang with paint drying, hair styling, mop work and maybe building a fort out of my couch cushions…

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    @Savvy – that isn’t true about them having the highest ratings. Figures from the latest completed survey (26 Jun – 3 Sep) show that 2DayFM ranked 3rd at 10.1% in Sydney between 5:30 and 9am Mon-Fri.

  6. Kyle and Jackie O are consistently number 3 in breakfast with around 10 to 12 percent well behind Alan Jones and the ABC.
    Can’t see this being a ratings success on TV when around 90 percent ignore them on the radio

  7. jackie O is TV ratings poison. With the execption os popstars almost every other tv show she has been apart of (and there has been a few) has been a complete flop! Im suprised seven are welcoming her with open arms despite her less than impressive tv resume.

  8. Do you guys on here realise you represent the small population who actually dislike Hamish and Andy and Kyle and Jackie O – When you say you don’t find these guys entertaining do you forget that they’ve had the highest rating shows for their timeslots for the last 5 years???

  9. Their radio show is brilliant and im tipping the TV show to do well!
    It has to be better than Rove LA!
    Kyle and Jackie O are the leaders in radio…. you can tell your from Melbourne David, probably haven’t listened much or only heard the bad things the media spin out!
    This show looks and sounds great!

  10. I was really excited about this but alas I just accidently spilt acid over my face and into my ears and can no longer see or hear (lucky I can touch type) so I will miss it sadly!

    Jackie is Fantastic, I lover her on The Nation, That Princess Crap, Thorpies Angels, Popstars, That Austero Talk Show where the hosts rotated and not to mention Big Brother! Unfortunatley I cant read the TV Guide to determine if these shows are still on, hopefully they find a role for Brian McFadden too, I owuld hope for him to miss out!

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