Seven sacks Perth Director of News

Shaun Menegola, Seven’s Director of News in Perth was sacked on Friday night.

Perth Now reports Menegola was told by Seven West Media’s WA boss Chris Wharton and Seven’s managing director in Perth, Mario D’Orazio, shortly before Friday’s bulletin went to air.

The dismissal was D’Orazio’s first major action as the new boss at Seven in Perth, after being controversially promoted to his new role several months ago from his former role as executive producer of the local edition of Today Tonight.

The newspaper reports D’Orazio and Menegola have been at loggerheads for several years over staff and content issues.

Menegola was appointed as Seven News Director in December 2000.

The dismissal comes less than a week after Seven’s annual Telethon. In the Perth market Seven’s resonance in the community has dominated Nine and TEN for years and helped drive Seven’s national dominance in news, current affairs and breakfast television.


  1. looks like D’Orazio and Wharton mean business and no doubt at all that these guys know what they are doing, i predict that wardrop will be the next head to roll as they clear the decks of all the dead wood

  2. Odd, given that TVW7 News is usually 2x the audience of STW9 and is often responsible for getting “Seven News” overall higher figures than “Nine News”, nationally.

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