Seven takes out Tuesday

Tuesday night was just about all Seven’s way once again with Packed to the Rafters as the night’s top show on 1.6m viewers.

The show was well ahead of its rivals NCIS (1.00m), Two and a Half Men / Mike and Molly (875,000 / 575,000), Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day (475,000) and All Watched Over by Machines (183,000).

Earlier Home and Away (1.05m) beat ABC News (861,000), The Big Bang Theory (769,000) and The 7PM Project (650,000).

The X Factor eliminated YMS, winning its slot on 1.41m viewers andĀ bettering The Big Bang Theory (949,000 / 1.01m), Modern Family (588,000 / 598,000), 7:30 / Foreign Correspondent (645,000 / 641,000) and Insight (192,000).

At 9:30pm NCIS: Los Angeles won with 840,000 over Parenthood (726,000), Survivor (429,000) and United States of Tara -limping out on 278,000.

In its new timeslot The Joy of Sets sank to 191,000 beaten by an NCIS: LA repeat of 450,000.

Neighbours topped digital channels but only onĀ 295,000 viewers.

Seven easily won the night.

Seven: 35.4
Nine: 23.7
TEN: 22.5
ABC: 13.1
SBS: 5.3

ABC1: 9.9
Seven: 27.7
Nine: 17.5
Ten: 17.4
SBS1: 4.1

ABC2: 2.2
ABC3: 0.4
ABC News 24: 0.6
7TWO 4.4
7mate: 3.2
GO!: 3.4
Gem: 2.8
One: 1.8
Eleven: 3.2
SBS2: 1.2


  1. @James: David may have a better explanation, but I think it has something to do with new rules imposed by OzTAM on websites posting daily ratings.

  2. I think they will put double eps of Parenthood on when Rafters finishes next week because we are already behind the US so there will still be some eps for them to show

  3. as only five eps of modern family have been shown in the states and 10 has shown 3 of them maybe they are trying to build a few up their sleeve before showing them

  4. I thought it was interesting that ABC News is up to 2nd at 7pm. Personally I think the problem with the 7pm Project is that it just can’t decide what it wants to be. In one second it is cynical and sarcastic and the next Charlie’s soporific voice is intoning about some do-good issue…that’s when I turn off.

  5. It’s a pity more people aren’t watching “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” – really quite entertaining and humorous. I guess you’ve got to have an interest in history to appreciate the program.

  6. How long can TEN keep the Modern Family repeats? Just because a million plus people on Nine want the watch the same episodes of TBBT over and over and over.. and over and over and over again doesn’t mean the more intelligent viewer wants to see the same with Modern Family.

    Wake up TEN

  7. David, have you posted the Tuesday figures in the Ratings section?

    Good to see Parenthood consistently getting around 700k. Hopefully it won’t get moved around (or disappear altogether) when Rafters finishes.

  8. Good to see Parenthood holding its own, and NCIS LA doing good.

    With Rafters wining the night you have to wonder what Seven is planning to put on in 2 weeks to replace it?

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