Sunday Night: Oct 16

Sunday Night cashes in on the Beyonce baby bump story, by showing new footage “from multiple cameras.”

On a more serious note, a former AFL star will spill on gambling on AFL games.

He gambled everything and lost the lot. Millions of dollars, his home, career, wife and children – this sporting legend came unstuck and spiralled out of control. He borrowed off club mates and bookies, even betting on his own matches. At his lowest moment, he tried to end his life. Then he was jailed. Inside prison he came to realise what matters most, and now released, speaks exclusively to Ross Coulthart on Sunday Night. He talks about his past, his future, and the insidious ways gambling is ruining the code. “I was completely out of control.”

Annie Doyle is an incredible Mum with her head in the clouds. Leaving her husband and children at home, she is attempting to become only the second mother to climb the highest peaks on planet earth’s seven continents. Mike Munro follows Annie as she prepares to take on her most dangerous mission – surviving the death zone on Mount Everest. But first he must take her back to New Zealand to meet the SAS soldier who owes his life to this remarkable woman.

It was the interview that caused a sensation around the world. Molly Meldrum’s one-on-one with the Princess of pop, Beyonce. In her first Australian interview, the singer talked music, men, and the new chapter in her life – a growing baby. But gossip and news sites worldwide highlighted footage during the interview, apparently showing her bump ‘collapsing’ as she sat down. Sceptics claimed she was faking her pregnancy. Her spokesperson labelled the claims ridiculous. Now, never before seen footage from that interview. From multiple cameras in the room, see what actually happened.

6:30pm Sunday on Seven.


  1. “Now, never before seen footage from that interview. From multiple cameras in the room, see what actually happened.” This story sounds like such a joke. A whole story about gossip/speculation about Beyonce’s belly from 1.5 seconds of footage?

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