the family: sneak peek

Yesterday I met the Cardamones, dad Angelo, mum Josie and sons David 20, Stefan 18 and Adrian 14 -an unassuming family from Donvale, in eastern Melbourne.

The five feature in SBS new observational series based on a UK series, the family, in which a family agrees to be filmed by 35 remote controlled cameras for 100 days. Joining them are two Italian nonnas Maria and Franca (two potential breakout stars?).

This is life in a goldfish bowl, allowing audiences to see what makes them tick, for better or worse.

But unlike Big Brother and Sylvania Waters before them, everyone connected with the series talks about the positive aspects of the show, and parents Angelo and Josie told me they considered themselves to be just like any other family: ordinary, loving, worrisome, argumentative -who wouldn’t be with three growing boys in the house?

It was David Cardamone who applied to be in the show, but nobody in the family took him seriously until Shine Australia shortlisted them.

Matt Campbell from Shine (formerly Director of TV at SBS), said, “We wanted a multicultural family, we wanted a multi-generational family. We wanted to show what it means to live as a multicultural family in Australia, and the trials and tribulations of the old country, plus being stuck in the middle with a new generation coming through and how it all fits together. It’s exactly what we got.”

The 8 part series starts on SBS ONE 8:30pm Thursday November 24th.


  1. Can’t wait to watch Stefan in this! We’ll be cheering you on mate! It’ll be great to see exactly what happens inside that beautiful house of yours (:

  2. if the promo is anything to go by it will be as dull as ditchwater. i watched the uk version and it’s a great idea but if at the end of it you watch it for 8 weeks and nothing much happens then you may as well have switched off and interacted with your own family. i prefer the high drama of the only way is essex and made in chelsea

  3. The promo screamed Big Brother meets brady bunc.and looked too glossy. Didnt see any big arguments or hints of any showstopping events (teen pregancy,illness etc etc).

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