The Killing will draw you in

This US adaptation of the Danish drama is almost British in tone and well worth a look.

I probably won’t get around to writing a formal review for The Killing, but it’s definitely work catching on ONE on Wednesday night.

This US adaptation of the Danish drama comes from AMC (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead) and covers three different subplots all linked to a single murder.

Rosie Larsen has gone missing. Seattle detectives start an investigation into her disappearance which involves questioning Rosie’s family, friends, and neighbours.

The feel of this series is almost British in tone. It doesn’t fall into the usual procedural pitfalls of US crime shows, nor does it resort to histrionics.

Seattle makes for a brooding, bleak setting. Mireille Enos (Big Love) is terrific as the understated Detective Sarah Linden.

I didn’t see the Danish original, but if you’re looking for something character driven that requires a bit of patience, this is definitely worth catching.

It begins with a double episode premiere 8:30pm Wednesday on ONE.

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  1. Loved the original. And if it comes from this adventurous and prolific production house if will be great! And they’ve changed the identity of the murderer – so all the more reason to watch!

  2. So Ten decide to put this on at exactly the same time as SBS are showing the Danish original on SBS2, and Spicks and Specks / Gruen are on ABC? Good luck getting more than 200k watching.

  3. I had no problem with the end of Season 1 and I personally thought this was one of the strongest dramas out of the US this year. It’s definatly a slow burn but it’s intriguing unfolding is brilliant to those with the patience to follow.

  4. a spoiler warning here for some people…

    … yes it draws you in, but it also promised to reveal the killer in the final episode; something it did not do. Thankfully, it got a 2nd season, but still, it was a kick in the balls for people who invested the time in it to be rewarded with the killer being revealed…only for them not to be.

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