Timer ticking on Ready Steady Cook

The future of Ready, Steady Cook on TEN is unclear with speculation the show may be dumped by TEN.

Since host Peter Everett was replaced with Colin Lane there have been continual complaints by the audience. No other single story has generated as many comments by readers of TV Tonight. TEN is understood to also have been on the receiving end of angry calls.

A source tells TV Tonight that negotiations are currently underway between TEN and production company as to the future of the afternoon show.

The show debuted in 2005 with chef Nick Stratford before Peter Everett took over in 2006.


  1. Used to be a fan of the show, now I don’t watch since they sacked Peter. I’m surprised another network hasn’t swooped him up because he has a great stage presence and involves the audience warmly. While I don’t mind Colin Lane, I think there was a warm familiarity with Peter and that came across the camera, where I’m just not feeling that same connection with Colin. So why haven’t the other networks snapped up Peter Everett?

  2. I don’t watch RSC now that Peter Everett is no longer the host. I actually feel offended that he has been removed and it is April 2012! It has taken away some joy from my life as I enjoyed Peter’s experience, warmth and humour. He was the perfect host to be working with people, including contestants, chefs, studio audience and all of us at home and in so many different places, watching on TV. What a poor decision to replace him!

  3. Its been awhile since i’ve watched the show so to turn it on and to find that Peter wasn’t the host was shocking to me at first i thought he was on a holiday but then i saw colin on there everytime i thought what has happened to Peter. I thought he was really good as a host very bubbly,outgoing and i thought funny to.

  4. They need to resurrect the show and negotiate to bring Pete back. I would switch back on in an instant if that happened. Until then the other channels will be getting my ratings.

  5. Sorry Ready Steady Cook but you have lost me.
    I have tried to adapt to the new host Colin, but he just does not cut it compared to Peter.
    It was such a wonderful show with Peter. What a shame.
    Can you bring Peter back? I will watch again if you do… pretty please?
    Until then, I’m gone.
    Ta ta.

  6. Oh that Colin man is awful, dreadful in fact. He is not funny but thinks he is. He has no audience skill – its all about him. I do hope that they get rid of him and not the show.

  7. One of the stories of the year? That may be going a little far. Yes, I think a few people got annoyed by Peter’s replacement, but I think it’s been a case of, “Wait, where’s Pete? I’ll check google… Oh! There’s this article about it! I’ll leave a comment!” and it’s been a gradual process as more people realise over time what has happened.
    Hardcore fans of the show would already have been aware of the change pretty early on.

    I’m not too sure the show works in the format for daily viewing. I know, I watched it daily for months and it eventually became very repetitive. That’s the problem with this show. It doesn’t need to be axed, it needs to be changed up. Getting rid of the host and replacing him with another is not going far enough to change the show… Again, it’s a decent show if you watch one episode once in a while, but sustained viewing requires something a bit less formulaic, maybe?

    I went to a taping in June, and Colin seemed at his best when the cameras weren’t rolling and he wasn’t working off a script. I also overheard a number of elderly couples compliment Colin on his hosting abilities: “You’re much better than that other guy. He used to make so many mistakes.”

    So, maybe these disgruntled audience members weren’t there the same day as me.

    But yeah, get over it. Colin’s doing a great job, it’s the format that could use a change. The show still has life yet!

    • A few people? It’s unrelenting. I’ve never seen anything like it in nearly 5 years of running the site. Good luck to Colin, but when I look back on the stories that defined the 2011 TV it’s absolutely in the top 10.

  8. People need to get over this already.
    The show is Great with Colin. I wouldn’t of watched this show every day if it weren’t for Colin.
    To axe it over something like this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.
    I’d only watched a few episodes of Ready Steady Cook when Peter was the host, but this was mainly due to the fact I couldn’t find the remote therefore was unable to change the channel, but you didn’t hear me complaining about how I disliked the show.
    If you don’t like it, get over it because there are people that do, and it would be truly upsetting if Colin lost his job because of Peter Everett fans. It’s not Colin’s fault Peter got fired, why ruin two careers?

  9. I hated it when Peter was on, he was so annoying and depressing. Colin all the way, he is so much better. I only watch the show now because of Colin, but Peter made me turn the television off!

  10. Well David whatever you say, but the fact is if colin doesn’t go and Peter doesn’t come back. Then that’s Ch 10’s loss isn’t it Goodbye!!! Ch 10!!! R I P

  11. George Calombaris started here and look where he ended up. Wow, who’d have thunk that he’d end up as a judge on the show that caused a ratings bonanza.
    As David said Peter is no long the RSC Peter peter, pumpkin eater. The parties moved on, and just maybe the show has too?

    I must admit TEN is really losing the plot. I’ve seen so many news changes, it’s not amusing. They seem to have Sandra Sully doing late night updates. It has a news, weather and a finance bit too. Is that a subtle way of keeping her on at night? That weekend bulletin has a weather update at least 4x in one airing. The forecast for Monday isn’t going to change in 20-30 minutes! Also that Sports tonight is a bit too much for a news bulletin. Mal Walden has to say “Now here’s Quarters’ with, TEN News Sports Tonight”. That’s a mouthful and might be suggesting a silly merger. One HD should have retained the classic format instead.

    Huey is aging and so is his TV career. He’s had TV cooking stints for 20 years, [mostly with TEN] and that’s not a good sign, considering he’s at a choppy chop everything TEN. Good luck TEN! I don’t know how you intend on doing right again?

  12. What Im most surprised about is why noone has started a ‘Peter Everett for BB2012’ campaign. He seems very popular!

    Of course Im still campaigning for Natalie Garonzi!

  13. They should ask Peter Everett back and sack the dude who’s idea it was to replace him.

    If they can do it in the US (Leno, Conan,Leno) they can do it here…

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