Vampire Diaries fans slam GO!

Angry viewers have slammed GO! for on-selling The Vampire Diaries to Foxtel.

Fans have bombarded their official Facebook page for selling the third season to Pay Television.

The US series was one of the channel’s profile brands, helping it to launch as the most popular digital channel in 2009.

But now many viewers on GO!’s Facebook page are so incensed they are advocating illegal downloads of the show:

Gwendolyn McBride:I think what really is bugging everyone is for months and months and months you have made out you may show VD in the future. Yes of late you mentioned Foxtel but you still made out VD season 3 could be shown by you early next year. You stated you were waiting for more episodes to air in the U.S so you could have a flow of episodes. What a load of shit! Anyone who does not know how to download now is the time to learn or stream it directly off youtube.

Amelia Mansell: i think a lot of people hate you now go… including me.

Zicon Cullen: Gee wat a shocker…… NOT! I said this before the usa started veiwing the 3rd season….. what a bunch of losers you guys are.

Cherie Kemp: How disappointing Go!!!! You really aren’t going to have many viewers left soon 🙁

Emmy Damon: The only reason I ever liked Go!’s facebook page was because of Vampire Diaries. I’m going to unlike!!!!!! >:(

Lauren McQuilty: R U F***ing KIDDING ME! YOU GAVE AWAY VAMPIRE DIARIES TO FOXTEL! HOW COULD YOU! Not everyone needs foxtel or has money for it HOW COULD YOU GO!

Belinda Simpson: And now I have no reason to watch your channel- good work.

Dean Phelps: Such a sad state GO! have become. When you first started you lived up to the claim of being the youth channel. You had an awesome opportunity to enhance that this year with shows like TVD, PLL, Secret Circle, Heart of Dixie. Your not a force anymore, now your just making up the numbers in regards to the digital channels.

Codee Mullings: GO! U have just lost ANOTHER veiwer 4 good! Stop giving all the popular shows to bloody foxtel!! >:-l


  1. I am so disappointed. I’ve been waiting for ever and a day for the return of Vampire Diaries Season 3 only to find out it’s now on Foxtel. We don’t watch GO! anymore like we used to. It’s a pity they’ve lost so many viewers.

  2. You have disappointed me, my best friend and I love pretty little liars and vampire diaries. This isn’t such a problem for me as I have foxtel/austar, but this still means that I have to Waite for 2 series of vampire diaries and a series of pretty little liars to finish before I can enjoy my fav shows. By the time we even get to see VD season 3, America would be up to season 4….. This is not fair on us viewers because you signed them over to fox…. I’m truly truly truly disappointed. 🙁

  3. Go or should i say Channel 9.. I am a 41 yr old who completely loved your station (GO)and rated it as my Favourite …But now i have to say that i am very disappointed to hear that you have sold off some of the best shows you were screening…Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars were why i was watching Go and now i don’t really pay much notice to what else is on the station because without those shows airing i don’t really feel the need to check out the station anymore…. I have a lot of friends and family that are my age or even older who really enjoyed watching Vampire Diaries with their teenagers and now you have taken that away because we can’t afford to have Foxtel or Austar… and we tried to do the right thing by not downloading the show but to just wait patiently as you repeatedly said it would return on Go..well it never did and looks like it won’t so neither do we feel the need to return to your channel.

    Very disappointed fan …..

  4. Soooooo dissappointed GO! Im 50yrs old with a 19yr old daughter and we both loved watching Vampire Diaries. So if GO (or Nine) is going for the older demographic you misssed the mark here with this oldie. I have never yet downloaded a tv program off the internet and I can’t afford Foxtel.

  5. GO! was always going to end up like its parent station. It was only a matter of time. Old habits die hard. Nine screwing with shows goes all the way back to Gilmore Girls, The OC, Smallville and Joan of Arcadia around ten years ago. Haven’t given then any credence since then… DVD’s are the way to go.

  6. @ FlossAus

    I know OzTam measure the ratings of various age groups (including 18-49 I believe ) as well as if people are grocery buyers. But I’m sure there are others here with more knowledge.

  7. Someone mentioned below that Go! (yes, I know they are Nine) have started screening more and more older shows/BBC imports. This is clearly a knee jerk reaction to 7Two’s solid ratings but what Go! continually fail to realize is that 7Two’s consistency with their programming is what won the viewers. Creating habits, enforcing repeat viewing and setting a reliable tone for what channel represented to the viewer.

    As an advertiser who found the Vampire Diaries audience very attractive (target perfect) this is disappointing to say the least!

    David, I wonder, is demos ratings as valued here as it is in the US? (I don’t need to see it but do the networks?) Vampire Diaries for example is standard in total audience for a CW show but excels in 18-49 demos, which is advertising sweet spot.

  8. @ John Jackson

    Well I stand corrected. But I still wonder if they could get the rights from Foxtel.

    P.S. My internet connection failed so I only just now could read what you’ve stated.

  9. @ APM

    A reminder: Nine had the rights and aired the first season plus the start of the second season before selling Smallville. Just to make my below statement clearer.

  10. @A – Smallvile was first on 9 then went to 10, then 10HD then Foxtel starting playing reruns then 11 started to air from where 10HD finished. Foxtel didn’t fill in any gaps and never progressed past where 10HD had finished with it. They have now though, and have been airing episodes that have been shown on 11 already.

  11. @ APM

    David I believe mentioned here that Ten got Smallville from Foxtel. Please correct me if I’m mistaken David. As I mentioned earlier Nine sold The Vampire Diaries to FOX8 (Foxtel ) as they claim to have exclusive rights in Australia. So Foxtel could onsell to Ten for Eleven. Now I don’t know if there are conditions that would prevent that or if Foxtel would want to do that. Also they share some shareholders. So it’s not impossible. That said will they do it?

    As a viewer I’d commit to a Monday timeslot but I’m one person. I also don’t mind Thursday but I think most FTA Vampire Diaries fans like Monday. As stated earlier it’s purely theoretical. As I have access to DVDs if necessary.

  12. There were so many points I was going to make regarding this but have just decided to go back and watch what I want to watch, when I want to watch it.
    Let’s face it the “Let’s do lunch” brigade in programming are growing further detached from the mainstream punter at a logarithmically increasing pace.

  13. I don’t think Ten/Eleven would be able to air it. its a WB show and yes to CW/WB shows air on Eleven (Supernatural and Smallville) but thats only because years ago they obtained some WB shows (Veronica Mars, The OC) but haven’t got any new ones since. they don’t officially own WB shows, Nine does. but Seven have been airing some Warner and HBO shows so maybe they could do something about it?!

  14. L Ron Hubbard's spaceship

    I really wish GEM would sell Conan to Foxtel cos what the f r they doing with that show when they cant air it on any kind of normal schedule.

  15. Go! has slowly but surely gotten ride of all the shows I used to watch on it. On-selling one of its few first-run shows seems crazy to me. Whatever the ratings, VD was a brand builder – reruns of Here’s Lucy are not.

  16. Armchair Analyst

    @ steve sydney. Not a bad idea. I would like to see that happen. but it will not, even Ten is guilty of onselling content to FOXtel. Remember dollhouse wasnt that supposed to air on Ten it never did. Maybe its because of ONE HD but that was a p*ss weak reason to on sell the content.

    • On-selling happens frequently, and it’s a network’s prerogative to do so. But when you’ve been touting the show’s return, and it’s a brand upon which you’ve built the channel, you should expect a backlash which is what has happened here.

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