Warwick Capper eliminated from Celebrity Apprentice

Former AFL footballer Warwick Capper was the first to be eliminated from Celebrity Apprentice.

The ’80s icon’ was cut from a three-way battle between team leader Max Markson and former NRL star Wendell Sailor.

Team Unity lost the first challenge on Monday night, a charity car wash after an underwear label donated $50,000 to the female team.

But Deborah Thomas revealed that Sailor had individually raised $250 and Capper just $20.

Capper blamed the team’s loss on Markson’s poor management and tried to blame his performance on a injured finger.

But boss Mark Bouris didn’t buy it and chose him to be the first celebrity to be cut from the show.

Capper marked his former team for failure.

“I can’t believe I’m the scapegoat. What a joke,” he said.

“I hope they all go out next week. I hope the girls win. Can’t wait. They’re better looking. They don’t backstab everyone. Long live the girls. I’m a girl man. Yeah.

“I’m still hugely popular in Australia. That’s the main thing.”

The Nine series premiered to strong numbers on Monday night with a healthy dose of media coverage and chatter. Another challenge takes place on Wednesday with another elimination marked for Thursday.


  1. bring back capper

    Should of kept Capper in there and we may of seen him ‘smash’ someone. lol.
    Deni Hines needs to be brought back to earth, I had only ever heard of her mother through ‘Australian Idol’ and had never heard of Deni before.

  2. While celebrity apprentice is somewhat entertaining I am becoming increasingly annoyed by Deni Hines – I don’t think I know any songs that she has ever sung? – oh hang on…”that word L.O.V.E.” which she released in what 1991? as for the rest of her music, was it her music or just a whole bunch of covers? she had an album in 1998 called “Pay Attention” which not suprisingly received no attention and got up to 124 on the music charts in Japan it didn’t even register in the UK or Australia and to my knowledge (please correct me if i am wrong) she has not had a single number 1 song. Yet here she is accusing others of being a 5 minute celebrity? she is a celebrity because of her mum more than her own attempt at a music career. Money must be tight for her – hence “Celebrity Apprentice”

  3. I love this show!!! Finally a reality show with a bit of cheek!!! I’m glad Warwick got fired. He’s just a lazy good for nothing waste of space!!

  4. Absolute waste of primetime TV, these firings. Zero suspense and drama – a bit of bad-mouthing but nothing great. They should be done swiftly and cleanly at the end of Monday night’s challenge episode – like I believe they used to do with the Trump version? Bloody boring and frustrating otherwise.

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