Weekend Sunrise gets serious

Yesterday saw the final segment of the long-running “All Stars” segment on Weekend Sunrise.

As previously noted, Adam Boland returns to producing Breakfast Television on Seven by producing Weekend Sunrise from today.

Yesterday he told TV Tonight, “I have thanked Prue MacSween and Tim Ross for their significant contribution to the show. Prue, in particular, has been on the show for many years.”

Taking a more serious tone to the show he also signalled the end of a regular showbiz segment by US contributor Tomm Taylor.

“As of next weekend, there won’t be regular Hollywood reports. If it warrants news, we’ll do it then – not by default.

“An entirely new format for Weekend Sunrise will debut next Saturday morning at 7am.”


  1. Problem with the sunrise morning show is that they are all ardent Gillard supporters -probably because they mostly are elitists like the majority of ALP polies there for their pockets–as soon they start rubbishing the Libs and Abbott like they seem to every weekend I switch them off completely and move to another channel -keep your smug political elitists comments to yourself -if you want to keep viewers

  2. Get rid of the new producer he has detroyed the show. The show is bette with no andrew. James on weather send him back out to locations.

    Sammy is wonderful

    the new producer has destroyed the whole feel of the show when you wake up on a weekend you want a show that is relaxed but serious when required

  3. I don’t like the new ‘serious’ format it doesn’t suit Sam & Andrew who I think work well together and I enjoy watching them on the weekends. I want to be entertained and amused on the weekend there’s enough doom and gloom as it is. I missed Tommy’s gossip section too. And Bring back Prue and Tim, I totally disagree with 99.99% of what Prue has to say but she amuses me, and it would be a boring world if we all agreed with each other’s views. Any serious reporting should be done by Sam as she is a very good reporter she should be allowed to be honest in her reporting. It is alright to have some serious content but this is not daytime tv, it’s weekend tv and people are in weekend mode. Channel 7 should put a leash on the new Producer the show for the benefit of the public, not the public for his benefit.

  4. @Moanique,I totally agree.Prue was totally gold,She was honest ,outspoken tough woman who wasnt afraid to say what she thought no matter how Outrageous some people thought she was.Shes one tough cookie who at same time said things other people were to afraid to say and she could take the crap dished back at her by AOK and laugh it off.We dont have any woman on tv who are tough enough to say what they really think,most them play what they think the public wants too hear,on sunday moring we dont want serious tv,we need a laugh,if want serious we can watch ABC,I have always loved Prue from back in her beauty and beast days.I will miss her heaps!

  5. Graeme Ettinger

    Thank god Prue has gone. I’d watch WS show until 9.20, then change channels. She is so bad. She seems to pop up any channel voicing her right wing extremest views and labelled as a “Media Commentator”. What does she know.

    Not pleased about Tommy Taylor being axed. As a comparison he’s much better than Nelson Aspen.

    Like other posters I like the fun of the show and AOK. How is Adam going to get AOK to be serious.

    If the show is changed too much I’ll just flick it and watch 24.

  6. Don’t stress about the show getting “serious” or otherwise. It’s about balance. I won’t be programming Four Corners at breakfast.

    That said, I do think it’s time to shake things up. Saturday will have a slightly different feel to Sunday — and there are plenty of fun segments built into the Sunday edition in particular, including Beyond 3000 with Simon Reeve, Nanna’s Kitchen and an Open Mic segment where we’ll give exposure to unsigned or independent music acts.

    By the way, if you have an act that we should see – email Stefan Mitchell: [email protected].

  7. Well good move getting rid of Prue. But overall why would you want to make the weekend show serious? For goodness sake keep it witty and fun – Andrew is great.

  8. They should keep Andrew O’Keefe, we don’t want serious tv on the week end. He makes me laugh. He is one funny guy but he is also a very smart guy. Check his bio…

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